Six months into the new administration, we have seen some changes in immigration.

The trend, in immigration and all other areas, is the undoing of Obama’s initiatives. We can summarize them as follows:


  • ICE will ask the immigration status of anyone in the course of an enforcement action and arrest nearly all those without proper documentation
  • Immigration arrests are up by nearly 40 percent.
  • ICE has increased its issuance of detainers by 75 percent
  • The number of people ICE places in removal proceedings went up by 47 percent
  • ICE has agreements with 59 law enforcement agencies in 18 states
  • Localities called “sanctuary jurisdictions” that opt out of full cooperation with ICE have been threatened with cuts to their federal funding

And what does the near future hold? What are they threatening to change in the upcoming months?

  1. The Department of Homeland Security may expand fast-track deportations throughout the country. “Expedited removal” process applies to a 100-mile border zone. It applies only to non citizens who have been in the U.S. up to 14 days. They could expand it to the entire country and to those who have been here up to two years
  2. The abandonment of enforcement priorities will also impact cases long-closed. This includes people checking in with ICE that get taken into custody. Also people whose their court cases were administratively closed are to be re-calendared by ICE attorneys
  3. Possible termination of the deferred action program (DACA) benefiting 800,000 young people raised in the U.S. and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for over 300,000 people allowed to live and work in the country while theirs experienced armed conflicts and disasters