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When searching for “immigration lawyers near me” in your browser, the best way to succeed is to find a corporate immigration law firm that has the experience and is especially dedicated to this field of knowledge. That is why, at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, we pride ourselves in granting top legal consultation to anyone struggling with their green cards, citizenship, and protection against deportation. 

The great news about our team is that, from the start, you will be talking to someone who understands you on a deeper level because our team consists of professional immigrants. Not only do they understand what you are going through, but they overcame it and now have a compendium of more than 100 years of expertise in immigration law and have secured more than 1000 approvals. Through our webpage, you can read about every one of them, get to know them and their journey, but also their merits and CVS, as the direct way to contact them if you prefer. 

Communication is key

Because our great team is dedicated to making you feel secure and at ease with the process, you will be provided with communication channels in which you can let us know of any doubts you might be having about the state of your case. In less than 24 business hours you will have an answer from anyone working in your process until you are clear with everything that is happening. According to former clients, this methodology is one of the main reasons why we are regarded as one of the best immigration law firms in Atlanta.

As well as the communication channels, because we believe in granting premier services to our audience, beforehand you can access our website and read the many articles that our experts have written for a better understanding of your process and knowing what to anticipate. This way you’ll be fully informed, before ever contracting our services, so you can understand more clearly the options you have according to your situation. We do this because we understand how anything must be clarified before hiring an immigration attorney, so feel free of reaching out and get to know how we approach each of our cases.

The articles are based on the most common immigration issues, and our Visa Pros have taken into consideration making them so that’s the start of your research process. The moment you are ready to continue further with your situation with an attorney, we will be there to help you with any questions and counsel you will need. We work through different cases that all gather around the same 3 general topics: Family and Individual Immigration, Business and Corporation Immigration, and finally General Immigration Needs. 

Why do I need immigration experts?

40 % of immigration cases result in denial or delay, which is why your chances are better guided and advised by a group of expert immigration attorneys specialized in this type of law. The amount of ongoing legislation that is constantly changing not only in the US but with the number of different countries you have to work with is no laughing matter. This can bring your family and your situation into lots of stress and time-consuming activities, and that is why our clients’ testimonials speak for us in terms of our success rate. 

The good news is that we also work with companies regardless of the size or the impact so they can welcome to their staff anyone from outside of the country. As immigrants, we know how bringing diversity to any entrepreneurship and business widens its labor opportunities and helps with the company’s competitive edge. At Weinstock Immigration Lawyers we are ready to offer the leading assistance for you to hire this new talent in the best way possible. 

And having all of these services doesn’t mean you have to suffer from your finances, since we work on a flat fee basis that will allow you to plan and make everything work with all of our existing payment plans. 

For anything else that you might need, don’t be afraid to contact us for your legal counsel regarding your immigration needs today. 

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