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Criminal Defense Attorney Pittsburgh

If you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, contact Haller and Imbarlina for a free consultation. We would be happy to meet with you or even talk over the phone, providing you with the timely tips, insights, and legal expertise that you need. If you have been charged with a crime in the commonwealth of Pittsburgh, PA, going into court without a lawyer is like going into a lion's den with ribeye steaks strapped to your body. It's a bad idea!

To schedule your free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh, call Haller and Imbarlina directly at 724-935-0820. We will listen to your situation and provide you the best legal advice that we can offer. Should you choose to secure Haller and Imbarlina for legal representation, we can get to work right away on your behalf. 

5 Reasons You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Pittsburgh

There are many reasons to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, and here are the top five:

1. Get a Bond Reduction

If you are seeking legal representation on behalf of a loved one who is currently incarcerated, we might be able to get them a bond reduction. In certain cases, such as where the defendant is deemed to be a flight risk or a threat to themselves or others, a bond may not be issued. However, more often than not, we can receive a bond reduction for our clients. It's a lot easier to mount a legal defense when you are free than when you are behind bars.

2. Speak the Language of the Courts

Pittsburgh courtrooms use legal language, which is effectively a unique language in and of itself. When a defendant goes into court and doesn't speak the legal jargon, they cannot speak for themselves properly. A lawyer knows what to say, when to say, and how to say it.  

3. Obtain Evidence and Testimony During Pre-Trial

The process of discovery provides an opportunity for us to begin establishing the framework of your criminal defense. An individual who has been charged with a crime is not experienced in obtaining, organizing, or presenting evidence. The criminal defense attorneys of Haller and Imbarlina know just what to do.

4. Protect Your Rights

Every day in Pittsburgh, prosecutors are violating the rights of defendants. However, defendants usually don't know when this happens. They think it won't happen because the judge won't allow it to happen. However, it is not up to the judge to protect your rights. It is your duty to know them and enforce them. The judge is there only to interpret the law. When the prosecutor on your case sees that Haller and Imbarlina are in your corner, they will play by the rules.

5. Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

Haller and Imbarlina can not guarantee that we will win your case. However, we will do all of the things we have mentioned here, and we will give you the best chance to win your case. Even in cases where an acquittal or not guilty verdict is possible, we can probably get you a much better plea deal than you would ever get on your own or with a free lawyer.


Criminal Defense Attorney Pittsburgh

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Criminal Defense Attorney Pittsburgh

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