The present of DACA

Late Thursday night, on the fifth anniversary of DACA, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly issued a memo on immigration policy that keeps the DACA memo in place at this moment.
At the same time, the memo withdrew two other key immigration protections, one that would have expanded DACA and DAPA, which would have protected undocumented parents of citizens and legal permanent residents. Neither of these programs had been implemented because they have been held up in the court system for over a year.

Keeping the original DACA program in place is absolutely critical for 800,000 beneficiaries, their families, and our nation. Administration officials have also said to various news outlets that no permanent decision on DACA has yet been made. We need to keep fighting to keep this program in place and for a clear public signal – but we also can’t let Congress off the hook for the permanent solution our nation desperately deserves and needs.

The 800,000 hardworking young people whose lives have been transformed by this program are going to continue contributing to and improving our country every day, and they deserve a firm commitment from the Administration and Congress that they will continue to be allowed to live and work in America.