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When trying to live and work in the United States in an immigrant status, it is not unusual to look into Immigrant lawyers for hire. Legal stay in this country is particularly difficult as the settler must meet an ever-increasing list of requirements, comply with many clauses, and overcome restraints in the legal framework.

The bright side is that it’s possible with some help from experts. Many people qualify for distinct immigrant status for temporary states, and to discover the perfect visa for you, you will need the best immigration lawyers near you.

Among the best options for specialists, the H-1B visa status allows foreign professionals of exceptional merit and experience to be sponsored by an employer and work and live in the United States. It is important to note that they can only work with the sponsoring employer.

The visa holder must have at least a bachelor’s degree and must have theoretical and practical experience in a specialized field, such as engineering, laws, physics, and medicine.

As previously mentioned, this visa is subject to an employer, who must be interested in you and offer a position with wages that mirror the ones of similarly qualified workers. Afterward, they must file a Labor Condition Application attesting that there are no Americans equipped for the job.

After this is completed, the prospective worker will need help to complete the process. For those purposes, we have an experienced team of H-1B Visa attorneys eager to help. Since the due process requires participation from the employer, we will facilitate communication to file the corresponding documents properly. Also, we will request accordingly for any extra paperwork needed and review the terms of the contract offered, protecting our client’s interests and well-being.

As such, we will guide any prospective worker through the application of the H-1B visa in the US Department of State. Once it’s done, we will help through the paperwork for the US Customs and Borders Protection for admission into the country.

Completing the process in an orderly fashion is especially important since the lottery only allows for around 60000 employees to work under this status. If any error is made, the aspiring visa holder will be quickly discarded. 

As an H-1B specialty occupation worker or fashion model, you will be admitted into US territory for up to three years. While any can apply for an extension, it usually can only go up to six years, with few exceptions.

This visa is one of the most sought after as it allows for a legal work permit. Both the employer and employee will need help to file the paperwork correctly, as they would otherwise risk its approval. For every case, we will devise strategies and help avoid mistakes by leading the process ourselves.

Our immigration lawyers for H-1B visas are highly capacitated professionals whom we trust to make the process seamless for all parties. It will save you time, money, and headaches, making the process go through smoothly while increasing the chances for approval, as a knowledgeable specialist will do it.

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H-1B Visa Lawyer

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H-1B Visa Lawyer

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