ICE Plans to Implement DNA Testing at Border Locations | Weinstock Immigration Lawyers | Expert Advice & Representation in Immigration Law

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seeks to implement Rapid DNA testing at seven border locations to identify fraudulent claims of familial relationships by migrants trying to enter the U.S.  ICE will collaborate with a private contractor to administer the DNA tests, which the agency said should take 90 minutes or less.

What is the purpose of the DNA tests?

ICE claims the project will “aid in the identification of fraudulent familial relationship claims made by individuals entering or attempting to enter the United States.” It will help Homeland Security Investigation Special Agents with “identifying and investigating those who continue to commit these types of criminal acts in direct violation of U.S. law.”

Where will these tests be implemented?

ICE wants to implement the program, Operation Double Helix 2.0, at seven locations at the southern border where HSI has determined that “the influx of illegal aliens is prevalent.” No specific locations have been identified yet – they would be revealed to the contractor when the contract is awarded. ICE says these locations would be subject to change over the course of the operation. Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona were listed as “testing locations” in a document related to the project.

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