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A significant percentage of all citizens are genuinely grateful for the unique opportunity to make a decent life in a foreign country. The relationship between America and foreigners is a life-long story of love and struggle, where people go through the most challenging immigration process to realize the true American dream.

The best chance at getting the best chance at immigration is hiring an immigration lawyer to advise you and handle the consultation. However, not all attorneys offer these immigration services; hence, it is best to scrutinize the right one for your particular service. Ask the right questions to establish honesty, experience, and record of accomplishment in similar cases before you hire an immigration attorney.

FAQ about Weinstock immigration lawyers

Do you handle immigration law?

Many law firms include immigration law as a subsidiary of their primary services. An attorney who does not include the service as a core of their service will never offer satisfactory services. A dedicated immigration attorney has the skills to manage unique situations and implement the latest rules to benefit your case. Our team is one of the best immigration law firms near me, with a core specialty in immigration and will handle the following cases with ease:

  • Family immigration
  • Deportation cases
  • Immigration appeals
  • Temporary work visa
  • Waivers
  • Visas
  • Asylum
  • DACA
  • Business and work immigration

Are you part of the American Immigration lawyers?

Attorneys do not require membership in the platform to qualify as competent immigration attorneys. It, however, helps if they are part of the platform because they guarantee better results. The best thing is to hire a member of the AILA because they assure you competent expert immigration services
while staying abreast of all immigration laws. As the following questions to firms that are not part of the AILA:

  • Which organizations do you partake in as a member?
  • Do you manage continued education?
  • How do you keep up with the latest immigration laws?

Our immigration attorneys are excellent at handling sensitive cases because they know how to manage the latest immigration laws. You may decide to work with us after learning about our involvement in several legal organizations and educational platforms.

How many cases have you handled?

Immigration lawyers handle a ton of cases throughout their careers. Therefore, the most experienced ones will have expert services for the most complex issues, hence guarantee better results in a shorter period.

Our attorneys have decent experience in helping with the application and acquisition of visas and green cards. We operate from the Atlanta, GA office and solve complicated issues that make it easy for you to navigate an otherwise rigid system. In addition, the attorneys are familiar with court operations, law enforcement rules, and procedures that will earn you a favorable light for expedited approvals of your Visa or residency.

Do you offer a written contract?

It is best to hammer on the contract details before you hand over your documents. The formal written contract is essential in ensuring that both the client and attorney of choice know the responsibilities. The contract will include the date of commencing the case, financial details, the main subject of the case, and outcomes of every stage, such as denial or appeal of the Visa application.

Are you ready to get legal counsel on your immigration case? Call immigration lawyers near me at 770-913-0800 for a free immigration law consultation.



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