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Why Weinstock Immigration Lawyers?

Our firm is a premiere Atlanta immigration law firm. We specialize in helping companies and individuals achieve their American Dream by providing legal assistance to a comprehensive list of immigration needs.

We are leaded by Karen Weinstock, who is one of the top immigration lawyers in the nation. Our team of expert immigration attorneys include Rajeshri (Raju) Patel, Leslie Diaz and Nellie Navidi. Collectively, we have over 100 years of professional experience as immigration law experts and we have obtained successful results in thousands of cases.

Here Is What You Get When You Work With Us

  • Highly trained and knowledgeable legal professionals.
  • Over 100 years of combined experience in the field.
  • Immediately responsive to our clients.
  • Keeping our clients very well-informed during their process.
  • Answer all client questions as they arise.
  • We explain the process and likelihood of success in each case.
  • We advise our clients on all possible scenarios so they are informed.
  • Diverse team of professional attorneys and paralegal considerate of cultural differences
  • We offer our services in Spanish, French, Romanian, Hebrew, Farsi.

Or if you preffer, you can book a consultation calling us on 770-913-0800 and to start the process to secure your future.

Our specialized immigration paralegals will assess if we can help you with your case before booking you a consultation with one of our attorneys. This free initial telephone screening is designed to make sure that we will be able to help you before you invest the time and resources to consult with one of our experienced immigration lawyers.


Our services are always billed on a flat fee basis because it promotes efficiency and it enables our clients to plan their finances. We are always willing to work with our clients to establish payment plans so that payment issues will not prevent anyone from achieving their American Dream.

I am so happy that with the help of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, I got my green card. It all started when my company looked for a new immigration lawyer to extend my H1-b after the first one did not work. We had a bad experience from my previous lawyer. But with Weinstock, particularly Raju Patel and Alina Cox, everything went smooth. From H1-b extensions to EB-2, everything went well. They are so helpful, very professional, very knowledgeable, and will attend to all of your needs. I met them in person and they are so welcoming and I felt comfortable talking to them about my immigration issues because they give the best advise! Thank you guys so much! I highly recommend these guys to anyone who are seeking immigration help. Great job guys!

H. Briones

Civil Ingeneer

Karen and her staff were a life saver to our project, EXPOSED Festival of Israeli contemporary dance and theater. They were highly professional, very thorough, readily available, gave good and clear advice, knew the immigration landscape inside and out. All things being said, I would only use and recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for future visa needs. I am grateful.

S. Schroeder


“We help companies secure their global talent”