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Georgia senate bill SB 458 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee and is scheduled for a hearing today, Wednesday, in room 450 at the Capitol at 4:00 pm.
Since the House bill to deny undocumented students access to all Georgia universities remains stalled (for now), a few folks in the Senate have now added similar provisions to SB 458. If you can attend or send letters to your senators, or call, we need to ask for the college ban to be amended out of the bill. Supporters of the ban were apparently meeting with Senators today to push the bill forward.
This bill is one that primarily corrects some of the imprecise language that was in HB 87 about the use and acceptance of “secure and verifiable documents.” HOWEVER the bill also slips in a college ban provision by adding “post secondary education” to the official list of public benefits for which the undocumented are denied access. The message on SB 458 should be focused on asking committee members to REMOVE the “post secondary” language. Tell them that they shouldn’t allow this bill to be hijacked into the school-ban issue, which ban the Board of Regents Chancellor has confirmed many times is unnecessary and burdensome.
Take action now before it’s too late!