Decision Vision Episode 129: Should I Sponsor a Foreign Employee for a Work Visa? – An Interview with Karen Weinstock, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

When a business has an opportunity and needs to hire a foreign employee and sponsor them for a work visa, what issues and obligations does that decision raise?  Having immigrated from Israel over twenty years ago herself, Karen Weinstock of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers not only has personal experience with this question but over two decades of experience assisting companies with the complexities of sponsoring and hiring an employee from outside the U.S.

The process for a U.S. company sponsoring a foreign national is complex, and not knowing the rules and regulations could prove costly and time-consuming.

It’s not simply a matter of verifying a job candidate’s documentation and completing an application. You must satisfy a number of government requirements before sponsoring a foreign national to be employed in the United States.

The type of documentation, the time, and the resources involved vary depending on the vacant position and the type of visa sought. Be cautious that the requirements can change as lawmakers update existing immigration-related laws and regulations. Always review with legal counsel to oversee the process and to answer any questions about foreign national sponsorship and the changing laws that affect employment.

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