International Students Thrive and Live the American Dream as Innovators Despite Anti-Immigrant Government

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International students are founding America’s most exciting and innovative startups. Unfortunately, Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda may be hurting such entrepreneurship.   How do international students contribute to the U.S. economy? According to a recent study, nearly one in four U.S. billion-dollar startups had a founder who first came to the U.S. as an international student.  On [...]

Harsh Immigration Policy Overlooks Country’s Need for Doctors

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Restrictive immigration policy under the Trump administration has little regard for the shortage of doctors in the United States.  Worse still, it may be exacerbating the desperate need for physicians in primary and specialty care in many underserved areas.   How Bad is the Need for Doctors? According to a study conducted by the Association [...]

Spanish Embassy Hosts Attorney Karen Weinstock

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On October 18, 2018, our Managing Attorney Karen Weinstock presented on a number of immigration issues at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, D.C.. In attendance were business representatives, embassy staff and the embassy's immigration services unit. It was a packed but extremely productive day for Karen. We make it our mission to keep people of all nationalities [...]

Undocumented Immigrant Children in America

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More than 200 undocumented immigrant children remain in U.S. custody today, separated from their families. The overwhelming majority of these children face a grim and uncertain future in ICE facilities. (SOURCE: Of the 245 children in custody, 175 have parents who have been removed from the United States. Only 18 of these kids are [...]

Federal Judge Resists Trump’s Immigration Crackdown in TPS Ruling

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A federal judge in San Francisco blocked the government’s plan to end temporary protection for immigrants from Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Sudan.  The judge issued a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by immigrants with temporary protected status (TPS) from those four countries.   What is TPS? The temporary protected status allows immigrants – [...]

Immigrants Pressured to Choose between Immigration & Public Benefits

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Immigrants to the U.S. are feeling obligated to remove themselves from public benefits such as childcare subsidy and food stamp program.  This pressure came from a recent proposal by the Trump administration to tighten the ‘public charge’ rule that disfavors claimants of public benefits while adjudicating their immigration status.   What is the public charge [...]

Watch Out for Immigration Scams

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Immigration Scams Alert: even a victim can face deportation   While the government tightens control on immigration, heartless fraudsters are preying upon vulnerable immigrants who are anxious about the uncertainty of their status.  Not only could victims lose thousands of dollars to these immigration scams, worse still, they could run afoul of the government and [...]

Immigration Courts Under Attack by Jeff Sessions and DOJ

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Judicial Independence in Immigration Courts are Besieged by Jeff Sessions and DOJ. Tearing families apart isn’t the only way in which Attorney General Jeff Sessions attacks the American immigration system.  Since taking office, Sessions and the Justice Department have been interfering with judicial independence in immigration courts.  In unprecedented ways, Sessions has exercised his authority [...]

USCIS Puts More Obstacles on Legal Immigration

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USCIS Imposes Even Higher Hurdles for Legal Immigration with New Guidance The government issued new guidance on RFEs and NOIDs and made it easier for adjudicators to deny a request for immigration benefit on July 13, 2018.  The new instructions will take effect next Monday, September 11, 2018. (Read the memo here.)   What is [...]

Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders May See Ability to Work in the US Revoked

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In a recent court filing, the government seeks to revoke a rule allowing H-4 visa holders (spouses of H-1B holders) to work in the U.S.  This highlights the administration’s unwavering hard stance against immigration.  The overarching policy also affects legal immigration, which can hurt businesses that rely on professional workers and their employees from overseas.   [...]