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Finding the best immigration lawyer near you is important. Whether you are a business looking for corporate immigration services or whether you are an individual looking for family immigration services, our immigration law firm is uniquely situated to help you.

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers

Weinstock immigration lawyers are amongst the best immigration attorneys in the United States. Our attention to detail and exceptional experience has helped many businesses and families achieve their goals of work through immigration challenges in the U.S., from securing work visas and green cards to making their dreams of living in the U.S. legally a reality.

The immigration attorneys at Weinstock know first hand how complicated the immigration process can be. After all, many of our attorneys are immigrants themselves. That combination of personal experience and professional knowledge has led to numerous awards and client accolades that in the end give Weinstock Immigration Lawyers the reputation as being some of the best immigration attorneys in the country.

We Know How to Solve Immigration Issues for You

Our dedicated team is well-versed in a variety of immigration issues. Issues such as employment-based immigration, H-1B visas, L-1 intracompany transfer visas, family-based green cards, fiancé visas or fiancée visas, family-based visas and DACA just to name a few. We tackle each matter using the appropriate strategy with the appropriate organization all while championing each client’s goals and objectives.

We work with our clients to make smart, thoughtful, and informed immigration decisions. With decades of combined experience, there is no issue too big or too complex for our Immigration attorneys. Our sharp and proven legal strategies have helped our clients achieve their goals of obtaining work visas and green cards leaving them feeling protected and elated to stay in the U.S. We have corporate immigration attorneys standing ready to handle any and all your visa related issues and personal immigration lawyers who only strive for the best for our clients. With this reputation, it is no wonder we have hundreds of positive public reviews and repeat clients

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