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Weinstock Immigration Lawyers – Core Values

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers is one of the best immigration law firms in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We specialize in helping companies and individuals achieve their American Dream by providing legal assistance to a comprehensive list of immigration needs. Those immigration services include work visas, green cards or permanent residency, U.S. citizenship, deportation defense, and other immigration law cases. Call us today at 770-604-1603 to start your process!

Our Success is founded on Our Core Values and Beliefs

Our Values:

Diversity and Inclusion

Our team of immigration lawyers and immigration experts are serving clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the entire United States. Our immigration attorneys and paralegals are highly trained and knowledgeable legal professionals in the immigration law arena having over 100 years of combined experience in the field. 

We value that every person is different and so are their needs. At Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, we strive to create a consistently high-trust experience for everyone, our team, and our clients.

We have been in business for over two decades and have a great reputation in immigration law, not only in the Atlanta area but throughout the state of Georgia, the state of Alabama, and across the entire United States. 

Since we also represent companies and individuals in a wide variety of immigration law cases, not only work visas and family green cards, we have a wide knowledge that also goes very deep into immigration law. For example, we also represent people in immigration court in defense of deportation, U.S. citizenship, and complex consular processing cases.


For each work visa or green card case, our immigration lawyers will provide you with a clear explanation of the process and the likelihood of success. Our immigration attorneys will also advise you on all possible scenarios that are related to your specific green card or work visa or other immigration cases, so you can make an informed decision and choose the right legal strategy for you. We work very hard and do our best to obtain the best results possible in every immigration case, be it a temporary work visa, permanent residence, or U.S. citizenship.


We believe in providing the highest quality legal services, which include immediate response to our clients and giving our clients full information and updates in order to keep our clients fully informed during their immigration process. 

We know that getting a work visa or green card can be stressful and dealing with the unknown can be challenging to immigrants. For some immigrants, communication is even more difficult when they do not speak English well and there are also cultural differences. We believe that if we answer all of our client questions as they arise, and even before they arise, our clients will feel more confident and assured that their immigration case is handled well and in the right hands.


Our immigration law firm also boasts a diverse team of immigration attorneys and professional paralegals considerate of cultural differences. Many of our immigration lawyers and paralegals are immigrants or children of immigrants to the United States who are very passionate about helping others immigrate to the United States by obtaining work visas, green cards, and U.S. citizenship. We will zealously fight for you so we can achieve the best possible results in your case. We can also speak your language because we offer tailored immigration law services in Spanish, French, Romanian, Chinese, and Hebrew.


Our immigration law firm has also received numerous awards and recognitions as one of the best immigration law firms in Atlanta, Georgia. Our immigration attorneys have also received top ratings as the best immigration lawyers from Best Lawyers in America, among other reviews and ratings by clients and peers. We boast over 200 public Google reviews averaging five stars from verified clients who were extremely pleased with our immigration law services. Since immigration law is very private, many people may hesitate to give out public verifiable reviews.

Our Beliefs:

We pride ourselves on having incomparable immigration legal expertise and insights. We are committed to being the “Premier Immigration Lawyers” and offering the “Experience You Deserve.” Our elite legal team works with each client closely and diligently to achieve optimal outcomes.

Individually Tailored Immigration Strategies

Every case is different and unique. We endeavor to design individually tailored legal immigration strategies catering to your specific needs. In addition to our lawyers, we match the right pool of talent to each case for the best results.

We understand that many clients cannot afford to pay “big bucks” for immigration legal representation. Thus, we strive to help every client solve their problems with a fair and reasonable fee.