For Investors or Business Owners


For Investors or Business Owners

Are you an investor and wish to start a new business in the United States or to purchase an existing one?

Are you interested in running or investing in a business in the United States?

Do you want to live in the United States in order for a better future?

  If you answer yes to any of the above, let Weinstock Immigration Lawyers help you with all the required paperwork so you can focus on making the right investments and growing your business. With more than 35 years of collective experience, our immigration attorneys have helped hundreds of investors, business owners and entrepreneurs secure visas, green cards and citizenship in the United States.

Three Common Questions Our Clients Ask Us:


1. I have my own business in my home country and I want to move some or all of the operations to the United States. Can I get a visa or green card for that?

Typically yes, depending on the type and size of business you have abroad, and the type and size of operation you intend to have in the United States, among other factors. Our immigration lawyers can analyze your situation in detail and give you the best recommendation for a visa or green card based on your circumstances.


2. What is better for me – buying an existing business or starting a new business?

It depends on your particular circumstances. In some cases, it makes sense to buy an existing business because you can save yourself the hassle of building a business from scratch, obtaining business licenses, hiring employees, acquiring customers, etc. However, buying an existing business may be more complicated and expensive, and there is a certain amount of risk involved. In other cases, starting a new business is the best opportunity for the investor or business owner, even if it may take longer to achieve substantial revenues in the United States. Our immigration attorneys can analyze your situation in detail and give you the best recommendation based on your circumstances.


3. I want to be a completely passive investor. If I buy a house or stocks in the United States, can I get an investor visa?


Generally, no, because the immigration laws only allow you to gain an investor visa, either temporary or permanent, if you invest in an active business. However, you may qualify for an investor visa that will not require you to manage the business on a day-to-day basis, but simply have general overall supervision over it. An example of this would be for immigrant investors who invest through a regional center. Talk with our immigration lawyers about your situation and get the best advice for your particular case.

How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help You

Investing your money in an enterprise and immigrating to the United States can be very difficult for you and for your family members. We know how important it is for you to succeed in your business and to minimize the risk of losing investment. Our immigration attorneys have successfully helped hundreds of investors, business owners and entrepreneurs obtain their visas, green cards and citizenship in the United States. We have helped owners and investors secure financing for their businesses, ease the relocation process, and avoid all of the stresses of navigating U.S. immigration law. We do everything we can to support your transition to America.

For some of our clients, we have made valuable introductions that result in business deals with new customers. In addition, we also regularly help investors petition for their families to relocate to the United States. We understand that family support and unity is a major factor to successful immigration to the United States, and we will do our best to handle all of the immigration matters that may be keeping you from your dreams of investing in America and relocating here.

Our experienced immigration lawyers can assist you with the following:

If you are ready to start the immigration process, or if you have any additional questions, call our office today. We will help you determine the best strategy and avoid common obstacles that may lead to delays and denials.
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