Third Preference Employment

The EB-3 is the third preference employment-based immigrant visa category. It is reserved for professional workers and skilled and unskilled employees that have a certified labor certification.

A professional worker is defined by the USCIS as someone who possesses a U.S. bachelor’s degree or foreign degree equivalent. A skilled worker is defined as someone who has at least 2 years of work experience. Unskilled workers such as janitors, au-pairs, etc., are workers who do not require official training or experience for their job.

All EB-3 applicants must first have a labor certification approved on their behalf. Read our article about PERM labor certifications to get more understanding of the process. Once the labor certification is certified, the employer can then file an I-140 immigrant visa petition.

Currently, applicants in the EB-3 category will have to wait several years in order to file for a green card, and those from countries such as China and India may face even longer periods of waiting. Read our article about the I-140 immigrant visa for more information about it.

Do you wish to file an EB-3 petition for yourself or an employee? Is it important for you to obtain a green card? Call us today before you file – we’ll determine the best strategy for positive results and guide you through common issues that can lead to delays and denials.


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