Immigration Lawyers in Alpharetta, Georgia

Are you looking for a trusted immigration lawyer in Alpharetta, Georgia? The Visa Pros,
Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, can work with you to remove all hassles from the
immigration process, maximizing your chances of successful outcomes for your desired legal
status in the USA. We take pride in our decades of experience solving immigration issues,
from complex corporate immigration cases to family visas with the highest approval rate in
the industry.

Immigration rules and regulations keep changing, evolving and becoming increasingly
complex. Our immigration attorneys offer strategic and tailored corporate immigration
for employers who want to navigate complex regulatory regimes to acquire and
retain top talent. Our corporate clients range from well-established organizations to SMEs to
start-ups, covering all sectors, including medical, technology, film, sports, and pharma, to
name a few.

In addition to corporate immigration, we also provide unparalleled visa services for work
visas and family-based immigration.

Our visa lawyers have garnered a strong reputation as one of the best immigration attorneys
in Georgia and serve clients throughout the state of Georgia and the city of Alpharetta.
Alpharetta boasts some of the best public schools in Georgia and the United States, and its
many subdivisions offer a beautiful suburban lifestyle to families. Alpharetta is known far and
wide as the Technology City of the South due to the large number of tech-focused
companies that call Alpharetta home. Clients choose and recommend our visa services
because they know we can help with the movement of their workforce across various
jurisdictions efficiently and swiftly. Our immigration services are built around excellent
communication, deep immigration attorney expertise, and pragmatic solutions.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer in Alpharetta, Georgia?

Usually the best and quickest answer is yes.

In todays digital world, with all information available online, you might think of handling your
immigration case yourself to cut costs. Even if you save money, you may lose valuable time,
you may lose more money if you are unable to legally work during this time and you may get
your case denied, at which point it will be much harder to refile. Immigration cases are never
simple, particularly when it comes to employment visas. Moreover, the Federal government
makes countless policy changes to the Immigration and Nationality Act, making it nearly
impossible to keep a tab on the revisions for normal people.

Consulting with a competent, experienced and best immigration lawyer helps ensure a
streamlined process with a high success rate. Even seemingly routine procedures can be
worth approaching an immigration attorney to guide you on your rights, prepare the
paperwork accurately, and save you time and money in the long run.

Good immigration lawyers can save you a considerable amount of money by helping avoid
case delays and denials. By securing professional assistance, you can redirect your efforts
and time to more rewarding endeavours and minimize a risk to your future or ability to live
and work in the U.S.

Alpharetta Corporate Immigration Services

Alpharetta is a premium destination for corporate headquarters, retail trade companies, and
technology service providers. It's no wonder why Fortune 1000 companies and national and
internationally renowned companies are located in this technology city of the south, located
north of the city of Atlanta. Alpharetta

Many foreign nationals receive job offers from American companies located in Alpharetta
after graduating from university. To stay and work here, the company must offer both a job
and visa sponsorship. No generic work visa would help.

The most popular corporate visas that we can help you secure are:

So, whether you are an employer, employee, entrepreneur or investor, looking to get a work
visa to work and live in Alpharetta, you can contact Weinstock’s immigration lawyers.

We believe that global mobility is a great asset to business growth. We follow a holistic and
personalized, combined with cutting-edge technology and industry knowledge, to handle all
aspects of employee mobility. Whether your employees need employment or business visas
to work in the USA or they want permanent residence, we can help. With a strategic
understanding of your needs, our highly experienced team of immigration attorneys can
deliver exemplary results.

Family Immigration Services in Alpharetta, Georgia

Immigration to the USA can be a lengthy process for foreign nationals. The level of
complexity magnifies when multiple family members want to enter the country to join a
relative who holds the U.S. permanent residency or citizenship. In the process, complying
with regulations, meeting deadlines, and appropriate documentation are critical to have your
visa and green card applications approved.

The Visa Pros at Weinstock immigration lawyers in Alpharetta, Georgia, feel your sense of
urgency when trying to sponsor a family member for a visa or permanent residence.
Benefiting from our decades of collective immigration experience, we have aided thousands
of families worldwide to come, live, and settle in the country.

Our family immigration services include petitions for immediate relatives, including children
under 21 years old, parents, and spouses of U.S. citizens who can generally apply for
"adjustment of status" to lawful permanent residence if they are in the U.S. legally.

Other family members are classified into the following preference categories:

Weinstock immigration lawyers’ visa lawyers can also advise on other types of family-based
immigration cases, such as:

Why Choose Weinstock immigration lawyers in Alpharetta, Georgia?

The process to get to a successful immigration outcome can be full of twists and turns. Our
immigration law firm can guide and support you on everything, from figuring out the fastest
way to get your status to filing the application until approval and everything in between.

Five main authorities that constitute the U.S. immigration system include:

1. The United States State Department (DOS): Issues immigrant and non-immigrant visas outside the USA to allow foreigners to enter into the country.

2. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS): Adjudicates immigrant and non-immigrant visas filed in the U.S.

3. Customs and Border Protection (CBP): Operates the airports, sea and land ports of entry, immigration and customs authority over goods and people coming to the country at the port of entry.

4. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): Handles various investigative matters and removal of people unlawfully in the country.

  5. Department of Labor (DOL): Ensures that employers uphold federal employment laws.

Our experienced immigration attorneys provide guidance in handling immigration cases
related to all of these agencies. We make sure that your unique case is best presented
before the correct government agency to result in a high success rate.

If you have an immigration case or question in Alpharetta, Georgia, call us now to discuss
your immigration issue! Call (770) 604-1603 or submit a consultation form online today.