Immigration Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

Our Atlanta immigration lawyers have decades of successful experience solving everything from complex corporate legal immigration issues to everyday individual cases of fiancé visas with high success. As the immigration rules and regulations become increasingly complex, the need for competent, experienced, and professional immigration representation is in high demand. Weinstock’s Immigration Lawyers has forged their reputation as having some of the best immigration attorneys in Georgia and the nation by being the answer for many clients who want to resolve their U.S. immigration issues and get simple answers to tough immigration questions.

Many of our clients are first-time immigrants, business owners, corporations, investors, family members, or a combination thereof looking for a guide through the U.S. immigration process. With a global reach, the Visa Pros has been the answer for thousands of clients, both private and corporate. Our Atlanta immigration attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have served with Fortune 500 companies and others have held positions with non-profit organizations. Others are themselves immigrants from other countries. These experiences in our diverse team have enhanced our firm’s ability to steer people through the sometimes choppy waters of the U.S. immigration process.

Individual Immigration Services in Atlanta, GA

Navigating the immigration system can be frustrating, confusing, and expensive to those who attempt to navigate it on their own. Hiring and maintaining our professional immigration attorneys can help ease the burden of that journey for many individuals looking for immigration survives in Atlanta, GA.
With 1 in 10 residents of Georgia born in another country, the state of Georgia benefits from the various ways immigrants contribute to the local economy. As more and more businesses and families migrate to the U.S. and Georgia, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers have been on the frontlines working to secure our clients the right to work and live in such a prosperous state and nation.

Georgia Corporate Immigration Services

Our visa professionals understand that successfully resolving corporate immigration issues in Atlanta is vital to the Peach State businesses that bring talent from across the globe to the U.S. to fill positions that require special skill sets. Maneuvering the tapestry of laws, regulations, executive orders, and treaties while also running day-to-day operations for a corporation is exhausting. Our corporate immigration lawyers work with human resource professionals, investors, business-owners, healthcare professionals, and numerous others in a corporate and business capacity to ensure all their employment immigration inquiries are addressed and resolved in the best manner possible. We regularly assist businesses and their new and current hires in obtaining a variety of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, in addition to helping them pursue permanent residence and U.S. citizenship. Our corporate immigration attorneys can ensure that all your professional matters are timely and accurately addressed and the best result is achieved for each case.
Our corporate immigration attorneys regularly tackle a variety of matters associated with our international and domestic clients’ employment issues surrounding foreign nationals. From clients looking for H-1B visa lawyers to more complex obstacles, we believe there’s always a solution. We build lasting relationships with our business clients and in doing so, are often retained again for their future needs. Ask us about:

  • Executive and manager visas
  • Employment-based immigration
  • H1-B visas
  • Intracompany transfer visas
  • PERM and employment-based green cards
  • Extraordinary ability visas

Georgia Personal Immigration Services

Dealing with family and individual immigration issues can be a stressful, frightening, and emotional process—a process we know very well. Our Atlanta immigration attorneys strive to keep families together, dreams alive, and to protect your legal rights in regards to justice in you and your family’s immigration process. The services offered by Weinstock immigration lawyers are tailored to fit the unique immigration needs of clients who are searching for the best visa lawyers, green card help, U.S. citizenship filing, or deportation defense.

Our personal Atlanta immigration services encompass individual immigration matters, such as:
Family-based immigration

  • Family-based Green Cards
  • Fiancé visas or fiancée visas
  • Family-based visas
  • DACA
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status or SIJS
  • Deportation defense or relief from removal
  • Asylum
  • Naturalization and U.S. citizenship

Employment-based immigration

  • Nonimmigrant visas including H-1B visas
  • PERM or labor certification
  • Employment-based immigrant visas

Do You Need the Help of an Immigration Lawyer?

Since the inception of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the government has made countless revisions to America’s immigration process. The situation can be tough to maneuver on your own. Consulting with an experienced immigration lawyer can help you determine if you would benefit from new laws, what you qualify for under current regulations, or learn how you would favor in your immigrant application. Knowing where your immigration issues arise is just half the battle. In Georgia and the United States, there are numerous agencies and organizations that require unique processes depending on the type of matter and mistakes can get your case delayed or denied.

There are four main authorities that make up the corporate immigration system. The United States State Department (DOS), which issues immigrant and nonimmigrant visas outside the United States to allow foreign nationals to come into the country; United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which adjudicates immigrant and nonimmigrant visas filed in the United States; Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which operates the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which handles immigration and custom authority over people and goods entering the U.S. and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the premiere law enforcement agency that handles a variety of investigative matters. Then there’s the Department of Labor (DOL), which ensures that employers uphold federal laws. Our Atlanta-area immigration attorneys can provide guidance in handling each of these agencies to ensure that your unique immigration issue is best presented before the correct government agency to ensure the highest likelihood of success.

Why Weinstock Immigration Attorneys in Atlanta

We work hard building trust with our clients and our track record shows it! Our immigration attorneys in Atlanta understand the daunting processes involved in all matters relating to your immigration issues and we pride in our attention to detail and the relationships we form along the way. With one of the highest approval rates in industry and close to 99% of our visa and green card cases approved by USCIS and other immigration agencies, the Weinstock Immigration Lawyers name has earned global recognition for solving tough immigration issues.

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