Inmigracion de Empleo para Hospitales


Inmigracion de Empleo para Hospitales

-“Do you represent a hospital or other healthcare organization?”

-“Do you know that you can easily recruit and retain U.S. trained physicians to alleviate your doctor shortage?”

-“Do you want to minimize your hassles in this process and save precious time and resources?”

If yes, let Weinstock Immigration Lawyers help you with all the paperwork and regulatory issues so your doctors and healthcare professionals can focus on what is really important – caring for patients. Our top rated immigration law firm specializes in providing the highest quality immigration solutions to hospitals and healthcare organizations. With more than 35 years combined experience, our skilled lawyers regularly represent hospitals, healthcare practices, universities, and research organizations in obtaining work visas and green cards for their medical professionals. We know that recruiting and retaining your talent is critical to maintaining your competitive edge. We also understand that you do not know enough about the immigration process and want to hire someone you can trust to do it right. We have completed hundreds of successful cases for our clients in the healthcare industry. Our specialized experience has given us unique insight on how best to serve our healthcare clients. We have a holistic understanding of immigration laws and how they affect hospitals and physicians. We know how to address common needs such as filing for J-1 waivers, obtaining H-1B visas in times when the cap is exhausted or when the doctor is reaching the 6th year in H-1B status, and petitioning for green cards when the Department of Labor (DOL) increases its PERM audits and denial rates. Our immigration lawyers will help you prepare for the future and advise you on the best ways to meet your long term goals for your professional team. We always take into account our clients’ short-term and long-term goals when advising them on their business immigration needs. Immigration law is highly nuanced, with very specific provisions and regulations. Filing for the wrong visa can greatly impact your employee’s eligibility for future immigration status in the United States. Filing incomplete applications or filing with errors or inconsistencies will get the application delayed or denied. This can, in turn, affect your bottom line. It is therefore important for you to have a good immigration lawyer on your team who will create customized immigration solutions to best suit your needs. Our goal is to provide you with your best results by leveraging our expertise to deliver you the highest quality immigration counsel. If you are looking for immigration attorneys who will provide quality, proactive representation and will keep you well-informed throughout the process, call us today. We can help you take care of all the paperwork and regulatory immigration issues so you can focus on building your team. Our immigration attorneys have helped many healthcare organizations secure the right work visas and green cards for their employees and we will work hard to help you obtain the best results for your team.

3 common myths about IMG physicians:

1. International medical graduates, or IMGs, are not as good as U.S.- born physicians.

This is simply untrue – just ask any of our hospital clients! Research shows that foreign-born physicians who completed their residencies and fellowships in the U.S. report better overall health and medical care by their patients.

2. Hiring IMGs will cost my organization a lot of money.

While retaining a quality immigration attorney who knows how to effectively maneuver the regulatory issues that affect physicians to get great results costs money, it is not as much as you may think. The cost is negligible in the overall recruitment process of physicians, and often times you will be able to retain a doctor who will stay with your organization for longer than American doctors might. The cost also may be less than the cost in billing revenues lost to the hospital and inability to treat patients if you cannot hire the physicians that you need. For example, the cost of preparing and filing for an H-1B visa that is valid for 3 years is less than the average hospital profit on the physician billing during just one week of employment.

3. Hiring IMGs will take me much more time and effort.

Although the process is more complex than hiring an American-born doctor, if you have a quality immigration lawyer who knows how to effectively maneuver the regulatory issues that affect physicians and get reliable and fast results, it should not take you much more time and effort. A good immigration attorney who specializes in healthcare immigration will do most of the work for you, educate you along the way, and minimize your burden. At the same time, you will gain the best person to fit the position, which is priceless.