“Leslie Diaz and her team did an amazing job processing my green card. My account manager Laura is phenomenal she was on top of every inquiry she received from me. The process was smooth, reassuring and not long. I highly recommend the Weinstock Immigration lawyers. Thanks a million for all your amazing and hard work.”

Gizel Weghorst, April, 2020

“My lawyer was Rajeshri Patel and she handled my employment-based immigration case. It was a smooth process for me, which is usually not the case in green card applications. It is obvious that the expertise of my lawyer and her team made sure that everything worked smoothly. Overall, I am very happy about the process and outcome. I was in great hands and my case was handled professionally.
I will make sure to let my international colleagues know about my experience and I will always advise your immigration firm to my friends and colleagues. My green card process is the shortest among my colleagues throughout the United States. I communicated with at least 5-6 people at different universities (I am a college professor) and it seems that my process was running very well and efficiently.
I am grateful to my lawyer and her team in Weinstock Immigration Lawyers!!! GREAT JOB!!!”

Babak Mammadov, March 2020


“I was referred to several years ago to Karen and her team originally to get an E-2 visa. As they were great in helping us get everything setup for the E-2 we decided after a few years to use WIL again to find a path for permanent residency for my family and I. Karen and her team (Vered Hod and Alina Cox which helped throughout the process) were extremely helpful. They came up with a concise and creative process and in what is considered a short timeframe we all now have our permeant residency status. Immigration in the US can be quite tedious and aggravating and the support we got through each hurdle along the way from the entire team at WIL was outstanding. Through both of these immigration processes we found WIL to be cost effective and efficient and I would strongly recommend using them for any of your immigration needs.”

Itai, March 23, 2020



“I highly recommend this law firm, Best Best service you’ll receive and they do care. Leslie Diaz is my lawyer, she is very understanding. I’m from South Korea, I was worried about my English but she was very patient. I did just received my green card but immigration miss spelled my name wrong, I called office and they’re going to help me with that issue. After that I’m planning to apply to be a citizen with Leslie she is best lawyer and I trust her. Her paralegal Yareli will keep you informed about everything you need to know and if you have more questions (like me I had a lot of questions) she always answer, call or email you. I just want everyone need immigration lawyer you really should consider Weinstock. I’m very thankful to my husband, he did found this place. 한국분들 한국인 변호사는 아니라도 정말로 잘하고 사람을 중요히 생각하는 변호사 들입니다. 이주 변호사 필요한 분들 이곳도 찾아와 보세요.”

Anna H., October 2019


“Nellie Navidi and her team are absolutely the best. We had Nellie represented us 2 years ago for my conditional green card, the team got things done quickly and always kept us posted about the process. Having Nellie come with us during the interview was worth it. I submitted all paperwork in March 2016, got my work permit 4 months later and the 2-year green card in November 2016. Fast forward 2 years later, I need to renew the green card and we are very happy to have Nellie helping us again. All paperwork submitted in September 2018, the team got it sent to the government in just a few days. A year later, I finally got my 10-year green card. During the waiting period, we moved a few times, Nellie’s team always assist us to change the address with USCIS promptly. Now I’m ready to apply for the citizenship, and we won’t trust anyone except Nellie to help us with this. Everyone is nice, friendly and very professional. My questions, concerns or requests were always responded in a timely manner. They are so great when it comes to working over email, that is an extra points for us since we were always busy with work. I would definitely recommend Nellie and her team to anyone that need help in immigration matters.”

Tam Pham, September 2019

“My Boys and I had the most complicated and difficult immigration issue to resolve; I spoke with a few immigration lawyers in the Atlanta area and was told that our chances to be approved for a permanent residency were slim. I was then advised by a colleague at work to speak to a highly reputable lawyer Ms. Nellie Navidi and as they say the rest is history. Because of my profession, I deal with many lawyers around the world and I can categorically and without any ambiguity state that she is the best I have dealt with. She is truly a star and managed to solve our immigration issue in a timely manner and we were treated with the highest professionalism. We are very indebted to Ms. Nellie Navidi and her team.”

Dr. Kassam B., September 2019


“The best lawyers in town. I highly recommend this amazing law firm. Laura, you are the best in what you do. Thank you Leslie for the job well done. God bless you guys.”

Kunle Olasimbo, August 2019


“My husband and I really appreciate our awesome immigration attorney, Nellie Navidi. She is very professional, helpful and patient with us on our immigration issues. And we are highly recommend her to everyone who is trying to apply for the marriage green card. During my procedure for my green card , she helped us to check every form we filled in and helped us to contact the immigration office for correcting the false information in time. What’s more , with her great help, our interview went very smooth and successful! I got my green card less than 2 weeks after the interview! Finding an immigration attorney like Nellie Navidi is very necessary and fortunate to save your time and money. Her charm, wit and intelligence will help you to reach your desire sooner and quicker!”

Xiao Wang, August 2019


“Ms Leslie Diaz (Lawyer) and Yareli Vera (Paralegal) are outstanding in every aspect both professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated! If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer – please, look no further! Weinstock Immigration Lawyers are truly amazing. Not only Ms Diaz and Ms Vera extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field – they are super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case/problem as her own. They are always available via email or phone, answers all the questions in details, and during meetings – they always prepared and will spend extra time with you. Ms Diaz or Vera always will be in touch, guiding you through the whole process until full success.I am very glad I choose Weinstock Immigration Lawyer as my lawyer and highly recommend them to anyone to use there services if you need help in your immigration process. My case was approved one year Exact. I am very please and happy. Thanks again to the great team at Weinstock.”

Sherry Ann Michael, July 2019


“I would tell every person go to Leslie and Yareli! They will help you! My experience with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers has been amazing. My lawyer is Leslie Diaz, and my paralegal Yareli. They are extremely professional, always ready to help my husband and I. A difference with others lawyer they call you for more information that they need for your case, they are on top of it! Your case won’t be one more there, they will make it special as same as the other ones! Love them! After 4 months that everything start I got my residence.”

Jimena Silva., July 2019


“I reached out to Weinstock Immigration in November of 2018. I was dealing with an important immigration issue and was recommended by a friend to contact Weinstock. I am so glad I did! Laura and Leslie are a dream team. I had so many questions and concerns and they were always a phone call/email away. They gave me peace of mind and put every worry to rest. In less than 10 months my case has been completed and I couldn’t be happier! While researching a team to take on your case, look no further! You won’t regret it.”

Juan Lopez, July 2019


“A big Thank You to Weinstock immigration Lawyors, Nellie Navidi, Alina Cox and all the support staff! It was well worth the expense of having your knowledge and expertise guide us through the process of securing my green card permanent residency status. I am now a naturalized citizen of the USA and very proud of achieving this status. You were instrumental in this process. I would recommend your firm to anyone wishing to gain lawful US permanent residency. It was such a relief to feel confident that no mistakes or unforeseen conditions would occur and if they did, your knowledgeable law firm was on our side. Kindest Regards & Warm Wishes to all of you!”

James Kreuzberg, July 2019


“Atty Nelly Navidi and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was recommended to me by my cousin. I had a very complicated case so my process took a long time (3+ years). And throughout the whole process, every step of the way, atty Navidi made my husband and I very aware of what we should expect, what we needed to provide information on, and what she was seeing happening w/immigration law changes and process during the tumultuous Trump administration. She and our paralegal were always very prompt in returning our calls/emails/texts and answering all of our questions. even when we finally got our USCIS interview and atty Navidi was overbooked, she was able to work her schedule out so that she was present and in the room w/us during our interview (which we highly recommend). It was a great comfort to us both. My husband and I are very thankful and grateful to have had atty Navidi as our legal council and advocate, and would highly recommend her and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, w/out question.”

Yema Thorne, June 2019


“Weinstock done a great job at handling my case. I hired Leslie as my lawyer and Laura was my paralegal. They were very professional and kind. Also throughout the process the payment plan was very flexible. I highly recommend Weinstock Immigration lawyers.”

Mohamed Diakite, June 2019


“Thank you so so much Nellie and Laura for making one of my biggest dreams come true. I received my GC last week thanks to these two amazing ladies Nellie and Laura. Nellie Navidi is an amazing attorney she is super intelligent and well educated, she knows what she’s doing, her work is high quality – not only that she has a great sense of humor and she makes you feel super comfortable to work with her, and of course Laura Quinche she is an excellent paralegal – she was so quick to respond and answered all my questions, she also made me feel optimistic and serene throughout the whole process. They both worth every penny and more, prices are super reasonable. These two ladies are fantastic. So grateful to them for their priceless help. Highly recommended. BEST immigration attorney and Best paralegal in GA hands down.”

Dinipathi Maheepala, May 2019


“My best friend used Leslie Diaz as her attorney to apply for permanent green card after her initial application process was denied. Due to language barrier I was helping my friend with document collection and interpretation services. We were extremely pleased with Leslie’s services and attention to detail. My phone calls, emails were answered immediately. I must mention Leslie’s office staff, first class. Thank you Leslie for everything.”

Olga Scroggins, May 2019


“It is with great pleasure that I write this review. In October 2018, my husband and I contacted Leslie Diaz with Weinstock Immigration to discuss the immigration visa process, after being referred to her by a friend. Upon our initial consult, we felt confident retaining Ms. Diaz’s services and knew we would be in good hands. The immigration visa process can be very stressful for those going through it. Ms. Diaz was extremely knowledgeable on the immigration law and very professional. She kept us updated throughout this process and ensured that we were always prepared for the next phase. She always answered our questions in a timely manner and helped to put our worries at ease. Our case was successful and my husband immigrated to the USA in April 2019. The process was smooth because of Ms. Diaz’s expertise. I would highly recommend her as an immigration attorney. The money we spent was well worth it.”

Jennifer St. Amour, May 2019



“When I approached Leslie Diaz at Weinstock Immigration, my application for my N-400 had been denied. With quick action, Leslie took the lead and walked me thru all my options and drafted a N-336 application with a solid legal brief easily understandable by all. I haWhen I approached Leslie Diaz at Weinstock Immigration, my application for my N-400 had been denied. With quick action, Leslie took the lead and walked me thru all my options and drafted a N-336 application with a solid legal brief easily understandable by all. I have now been approved and all credit is due to Leslie Diaz and the Weinstock Team.”

Tara Forrest, April 2019

“In the beginning, we were really picky on which law firm we wanted to meet with for the Green Card process(AOS). Finally decided to go to Weinstock Immigration and met Nellie and Laura. BEST DECISION EVER! They were there every step of the way, made sure we were aware of all the options, kept us updated, always answered our questions, really kind and most of all THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. 1 year later and I received the green card, although we expected it to take longer. I strongly believe that without Nellie and the team, the process wouldn’t have been this smooth. One last advice, take your lawyers with you to the interview! It’s always better to be safe than sorry. In my case, I was sorry. It delayed our case by 3 weeks but Nellie made sure everything was handled after the interview. Consult with them, you can trust them. You won’t regret it! Thank you guys!”

Sheen Alcantara, April 2019


“Leslie Diaz and the Weinstock Immigration team were truly a blessing to work with. My husband and I hired Leslie to help with obtaining permanent residency. I was on a F1 student visa and needed to apply for a change of status since I married my husband, who is a U.S citizen. At our first consultation, Leslie informed us that it would be a straight forward process – and indeed it was! She was there for us every step of the way: from helping us gather the relevant applications and making sure we had the correct supporting documents, and not to mention being proactive in answering our messages. She was very responsive to all of our calls and emails. We even had a phone consultation leading up to the interview to help us get prepared. Hiring Leslie and Weinstock was a great investment, worth every penny. My husband and I are even considering hiring Leslie again when it becomes time to apply for citizenship. If you’re in a similar situation, I would highly recommend reaching out to the Weinstock team to help you through the process.”


Safiya A., April 2019


“Hello everyone I am Landry, I had an immigration issue that I thought hopeless. I have been living in the U.S as an out of status F-1 student for 8 years. Thankfully, my wife became a permanent resident through her employer. Fortunately, I did not accumulate any unlawful presence (This was before the law changed on August 9, 2018). But I could not adjust my status to that of permanent resident, because I was an out of status F-1 student. The attorney of my wife’s employer refused to help me. I went to see another well known attorney who told me that my best option would be to wait until my wife became a citizen and then try to adjust my status. I went to see another well known attorney who did not even know that F-1 Students did not accumulate unlawful presence. After doing a lot of research on the web, I found Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. They had great reviews and I needed to check them out for myself. So I called them and they assigned me to Nellie. During the first appointment Nellie told me that the fastest way for me to get a green card was to do “Following to Join”. It was the dreaded consular processing but through “Following to Join” I had a greater chance to get an immigrant visa and then a green card. I was scared of the consular processing because visa officers in my country are renowned to be tougher. But Nellie reassured me that everything would be okay. And my wife had peace about it. So we retained Nellie as our attorney. Nellie did such a great job that the USCIS found me eligible for a green card about 45 days after sending my application to them. It was supposed to take longer, something like 4 months at least. Then my case went to the NVC and after that to the U.S Embassy in my country. So I went to my country for the interview and the consular officer put me under administrative processing for 2 months. Then she denied me the visa. She requested a waiver from me for unlawful presence. That inexperienced visa officer did not know that as an out of status F-1 student I did not accumulate any unlawful presence. Nellie worked her magic again and contacted the legal department of the department of state. Therefore, the decision of the visa officer was cancelled. She had no choice but to issue my immigrant visa. But, she purposefully delayed issuing my visa for 2 more months. Nellie had to contact the department of state again. Even after that, the visa officer waited 2 additional months before issuing my visa. It took me 9 months of waiting in my country before the immigrant visa was finally issued to me. Honestly, Nellie and Laura, her paralegal, have been outstanding. They were very responsive and supportive during these 9 months of stress and anxiety. They responded to my emails sometimes within minutes, reassuring me that everything would be alright and that the law was on our side. Nellie literally had my back! What I can say is this: don’t just a lawyer; hire an experienced, outstanding and passionate lawyer like Nellie and the people at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. Concerning the lawyer fees, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers worked with us. They put us on an affordable payment plan. It worked out great and we did not break the bank. The result of that investment is that I am officially an immigrant after more than a decade in America.”

Landry Ka, March 2019


“My husband and I hired Nellie as our immigration lawyer in the capacity of obtaining my Employment Authorization status, then permanent residency status and eventually citizenship. Nellie’s immigration expertise is bar none! She takes the time to understand your case, provide you with knowledge and understanding about what to expect during each process. She is professional, prompt in her responses and her attention to detail is more than anyone can ask for. If you are thinking about not hiring an immigration lawyer I would urge you to reconsider especially in this climate. It is necessary to ensure you have someone that provides you with the expertise, professionalism and constant access to the most recent immigration changes to ensure you are being lend in the right direction and no one can give you that expect Nellie. I would also like to note that her paralegal is just as professional, well-versed, and prompt in responsiveness as Nellie. They are a dynamic duo!! Thank you again ladies! Thank you”


                                                                                           Samantha BonnerFebruary 2019


“My Wife and I had a great experience with Weinstock Immigration! Our Lawyer Nellie Navidi and Paralegal Yareli Vera were amazing, We were lost and had no idea what to do to achieve my permanent residency and they took us step by step and it all worked out the way they said it would, they made it so much easier than we thought! We both highly recommend there services and they have our utmost gratitude.”

                                                                                                                               Kevin Ravazza February 2019.



“Nellie and her team were first class from start to finish in helping my wife and I through the immigration process, from the UK to the US. Working with Nellie brought a level of reassurance to the process and I would highly recommend anyone who is in a similar situation to engage with the team.”

Adam Logan
 January 2019.


“If you want the best possible immigration representation for yourself or family, then call Weinstock Immigration office. I had an excellent experience working with the best team ever! Nellie and Laura. Having such an experienced immigration attorney and the best paralegal on my side and knowing that the best possible argument was made on my behalf brought me great peace of mind during the stressful process of applying for my mother immigrant visa. They both made this process easy and stress free, answered all questions, emails and also treated me like family. You are not just another client when you walk through those doors at weinstock you become apart of a family that will fight for you like none other. Thank you all very much!”

JC Hernandez
 December 2018.


“Successfully helped my husband obtain a green card. Very professional. They know their stuff and will work hard to fight for you!!”


                                                                                                  Allison PerezDecember 2018.



“Weinstock immigration lawyers are awesome my husband and I tried for years to get his permanent resident card and was scam.ed by 3 other lawyers after coming here we are very pleased they are very good a d very professional thank you so much for helping us accomplish our dream. I recommend you to anyone needing a great lawyer.”

                                                                                                  Tammy DuarteDecember 2018.



“If you want the best possible immigration representation for yourself or family, then call Weinstock Immigration office. I had an excellent experience working with the best team ever! Nellie and Laura. Having such an experienced immigration attorney and the best paralegal on my side and knowing that the best possible argument was made on my behalf brought me great peace of mind during the stressful process of applying for my mother immigrant visa. They both made this process easy and stress free, answered all questions, emails and also treated me like family. You are not just another client when you walk through those doors at weinstock you become apart of a family that will fight for you like none other. Thank you all very much!”

Leeroy Levy
 December 2018.



“My wife and I were referred to Nellie by a close friend. Immediately after meeting her we knew we were in the right place. She made us feel as if we were home and treated us with great respect. Her paralegal, Laura, was also extremely sweet and helpful. Together, they made the immigration process so much easier. From the very beginning, Nellie was very honest and straight forward, no secrets, no tricks. She answered all of our questions and told us how she though our case would proceed, how much it would be, and how long it would take. Overall, if you are looking for someone trustworthy, honest, and good at their job, I recommend Nellie. Good luck!”

Juan Carlos Cespedes
 October 2018.




“My wife and I worked with Nellie and Laura for 2 years and they were both very patient, organized, and knowledgeable throughout our process. The length of time, as we learned, can vary greatly for all immigration processes but Nellie and Laura always found opportunities or ways to continue receiving updates and or information on our case and deal with any requests from officials immediately. When time finally came for document preparation and interview preparation they were amazing…completely organized and made the process less stressful for both of us. Highly recommended..”

Geoffrey Ax
 October 2018.





“I had wonderful experience with Weinstock Immigration services. I called this firm, hoping they could help me to remove the conditions. I didn’t have an answer from immigration in over 4 years. I couldn’t be more happy that I found this firm. I worked with attorney Nellie Navidi and her assistant Alina. They started working on my case right away, prepared me very well for the interview and I got my green card in less than a week.The process was very fast. I cannot thank Nellie Navidi enough for being so helpful with my difficult case. I shopped a long time for the best immigration team for my case and I am so glad I came here. Very professional, trustworthy and at very reasonable prices. They always responded to my emails and calls right away. Nellie Navidi truly cares about her clients and this is very difficult to find these days. Thank You so much for EVERYTHING! You can really trust this firm. Weinstock Immigration changed my life.They are the best.”

Aurimas Aurimas, 
 September 2018.




“My situation was one that many people face out there; filing single to remove conditions on a 2 year green card. I found Weinstock Immigration Lawyers during my research online and it was a pleasure getting to work with Nellie. Nellie was professional and most importantly well prepared. Nellie took the time to listen to my situation, asked questions to ensure that she was well informed and just made the entire situation feel hopeful. Due to the nature of my situation, I had to be interviewed to have those conditions removed and having a professional made a difference. I was nervous as most folks would be as this determines how you move forward and Nellie’s personality kept me calm throughout. In the end, I was granted my 10 year green card and I can attest that using Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was well worth it. The lawyers’ fees are reasonable and you get the service and expertise of professionals that will walk with you through this journey.”


Dwight B.,
September 2018.




“First class!!!!! I just got my Green card. It was a tough case for me but Weinstock Immigration lawyers were simply amazing especially Laura Quinch, Leslie Diaz and Raju Patel. Extreme professional. Prompt on all requirements, constant feedback and giving me peace of mind.

Highly Recommended. Thank you Weinstock.”

Noel Vere.
August 2018.




We have worked with Karen Weinstock and her team since my green card application back in 2004, and then again in 2010 for my children. Naturally when considering the citizenship application 8 years later, we sought out Karen and her team. They are very professional, very thorough on requirements, documentation and the process. They answered questions and concerns. They recommended only what’s needed and necessary. The fees are reasonable for a stress-free process. Thank you again


Jackie Coan. 
August 2018.




“We had a great experience with the firm they were very helpful thru out the whole process for my wife… I would definitely recommend them for all your immigration services…”

Pedro Hernandez.
July 2018.



“The Weinstock Immigration lawyers are heaven sent angels to my husband and I we have had a quick approval and it is such a blessing .and most of all we owe this to two special people in the law firm and those are NELLIE NAVIDI AND LAURA QUINCHE thank you both so much and I will be recommending the firm to anyone that is looking for this process Yall are very passionate in the work yall do and that means alot.”

Tabitha Gonzalez.
July 2018.



“My Experience the Weinstock Law Firm was excellent. They took care of my every concern and even listen intently to make sure they provide the best service that’s needed . Ms. Leslie Diaz, Ms. Vered Hod and the team were very professional and understanding. Thank you Weinstock Law Firm.”

Shane Gordon.
May 2018.



“They are a wonderful team great law firm I recommend them to everyone that needs their assistance.”

Tabitha Nicole Gonzalez.
May 2018.



“I contacted Weinstock immigration because I desperately needed help with my husband’s immigration status. He was petitioned by his father in 1994 and nothing had happened with his case since that time. I was worried he may be deported with the new president elect Donald Trump and his anti immigrant policies. I felt so at ease when our lawyer Nellie Navidi was so optimistic about our case and got right on top of my concerns. The whole process was daunting but she made it very easy for us. I felt so important working with this firm as they are always there for you and answer every email I ever sent them super fast. This was an investment for our future and was so worth every penny we spent to have peace of mind and not be worrying about my husband being deported. I would like everyone to know that there is always hope and Weinstock immigration will help you in the face of adversity and get you to the otherside safe and sound.”

Elizabeth Conner.
May 2018.



“A friend of mine from Switzerland recommended Karen Weinstock services, when I was looking for good advise. I know Karen and her team now for more than 12 years, and I can speak only highly of her. Karen has her heart at the right place, and she makes herself always available. She knows the pain that comes with Immigration, and how good people are sometimes treated badly. She will be at your side and take the right lawful actions to make your dream to come true. I highly recommend her!”

Manuela Ruelas-Theiner.
April 2018.



“At the time I was need some crucial information, this team help me at lot with their advising. I very happy they are speak multi languages. I recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. I’m so grateful for their help. It was happen in April 2014.”

Tessa Jeremias-Tillman.
April 2018.



“I called the firm because I went to Brazil with the Daca, but had a approved residency card( From my mother’s exhusband.) I needed help with my documents regarding my legal situation.The Lawyers and Assistants at Weinstock(Leslie{Lawyer} and Vered [Assistant]) Helped my mother organize documents, and provided answers to my case. Also gathered the documents that I need to fill out to return home. Everyone went over, and beyond our expectations. Everyone made us feel like family, and very comfortable, always updating us to the information available. I was very grateful for the opportunity of having Weinstock representing my case. The fee was the best investment that I could of possible made. They were worth every cent, because they took their time, and did their work. I have spoken to some of my colleagues, and people I know, and gave them my lawyers number. Because they did a wonderful job, and were able to help me get my Documents situated. I appreciate them a lot.”

Ana Barbosa.
March 2018.



“Weinstock Immigration Lawyers are a class act! They helped me through the entire process of getting my fiancé here to the U.S. from overseas. It was a long battle with a lot of hurdles to jump but Weinstock was there fighting by my side every step of the way. Not only did my fiancé get here safely, but we’re now happily married, living in one place and Weinstock continued to help us with filing for his work permit and receiving his green card. I highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. They’re thorough, compassionate, informative and take you step by step through each process you need from beginning to end and all in a timely manner. I’m so grateful for their help in uniting me with the love of my life. Thanks a million!!! ☆☆☆☆☆”

Dorene Karanja.
March 2018.



“I had an excellent experience with Weinstock. Every time I sent an email they were very quick to reply. They were very patient with all the questions I asked. I had to travel outside of the country to obtain my permanent resident card and was very nervous I would not be able to return to the United States. The attorneys here made sure I had every document I needed to ensure a smooth process and with their help I was able to obtain my green card and safely return to the United States. I strongly recommend Weinstock and would not hesitate to use their services again.”

Patrick Schmitt.
February 2018.


“We needed help for an adjustment of immigration status and Karen did a great job. Very responsive to questions and concerns and everything went very smooth. Particularly liked the fee structure with just a flat fee that included everything. No unexpected cost or crazy bills, just paid what was agreed upon.”

Ramon van Maaren.
January 2018.



“Nothing but honest, professional service from the Weinstock office- they are clearly on top of there game! I highly recommend you check them out before you go anywhere else- they will not disappoint! Before we attained Ms. Nellie services, my wife and I shopped around other “Big” Immigration lawyers, the ones you hear advertise on radio & t.v, we finally decided to go with Ms. Nellie because she showed the most interest in our needs! From the get-go Ms. Nellie and her staff earned our total trust. Ms. Nellie is well knowledgeable in the whole immigration process. (She’s-been-there-and-done-that) Whenever my wife and I had a question, she was a to provide answers the same day- Never did she say, “I’ll get back to you” Ms. Nellie is on top of her game! Thanks to her, my wife received her resistance card with-in a year of retaining her services”

Jaime Gallegos.
January 2018.



“Good customer service they get the job done.”

Patricia Pierre.
January 2018.



“We had a positive experience with Weinstock Immigration. We needed an attorney for our unique situation. Nellie did an excellent job. She communicated the pros and cons and managed our expectations quite efficiently. She was very thorough, dependable and very attentive to our case. I would advise anyone who need immigration services to hire Weinstock Immigration particularly Nellie.”

Katrina Earle.
December 2017.



“I have been working with Weinstock immigration lawyers for over five years. During this time they have helped me attain my work permit and social security card through the DACA program. There was never a time I called with questions, or concerns that did not get resolved the same day. The lawyers, and paralegals (Leslie) are very attentive. Everything is done in a timely manner. They’re also willing to work out monthly payment plans if you’re not able to come up with your fees at once. I’m very thankful for this firm and their services!!!”

Kim Fearon.
December 2017.



“Nellie and her PL Lisa did an amazing job when it came to handling my case. It was suppose to be an easy case but just like in any case things happen that are out of our control. The manner in which they handled the road blocks with such determination and positivity was amazing to me given the frustration one is already under. Their hard work put me at ease knowing that my case was in the right hands. I thank Nellie for the hard work but most importantly for the peace of mind my family and now have.”

Brianda Vega.
December 2017.



“We went into this immigration not knowing what was what. We connected to Weinstock immigration lawyers for a consult and they did not disappoint. Staff is friendly and honest and have your best interest at heart. Any issues that arises from immigration they were fast to address and correct the issue. I️ am now a permanent resident and happily living with my wife ready to start our family and working in the United States. I️ would recommend these guys in a heart beat! Thank you guys for all of your help!”

Sarah Kennedy.
November 2017.



“Working with Nellie was like working with a good friend who also happens to be your immigration attorney. During our initial consultation, she explained the steps towards obtaining a Green Card through marriage vs fiancee visa which was extremely helpful for me and my husband – and she made it so easy to understand. Nellie and her team did a wonderful job with filing our case and preparing all the documents for me to take to the interview. They were always there to answer any of my questions and even offered me an interview prep – which helped so much because I knew what to expect. My case did not experience any delays whatsoever – all thanks to Nellie and her team. Thank you for making my immigration journey so much smoother”

November 2017.



“Last year, my now husband and I got engaged and immediately after our engagement we started looking for a good immigration attorney to guide us through the process of obtaining a Green Card which seemed awfully complicated at that time! We did some searching and decided to go with WIL and we couldn’t have picked a better firm/lawyer to represent me during my journey. During our initial consultation, Nellie guided us through all the steps and explained the pros and cons of getting a Green Card through a fiancee vs spouse visa. She made it sound so simple so we made the decision to get married and apply for a spouse visa. Nellie and her team did a WONDERFUL job. They are incredibly courteous and efficient, not to mention extremely knowledgeable. If I ever had a question/issue, I knew they were there to help me which really put my mind at ease. They took care of EVERYTHING for me – apart from preparing and sending all the immigration documents, they prepared my interview packet and helped me prepare for the actual interview so that I would know what to expect, which gave me so much confidence. Thank you Nellie and Alina, I am very grateful for your wonderful service and reliability. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a great immigration attorney!”

Sabina Riddle.
October 2017.



“I’m glad I chose Nellie Navidi and her team. She helped me become a permanent resident after being here many many years. Her fees were reasonable and well worth it. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call.”

Biene Kest.
October 2017.



“They were very knowledgable, fast, and, more importantly, caring. You could tell that they were there to help with your future not just your paperwork.”

October 2017.



“They are very upfront about their pricing. Very knowledgeable and patient regarding any questions. Plus if anything goes wrong during the immigration process (something that I experienced) they knew exactly how to fix it.”

Isa Khan.
October 2017.



“Weinstock Immigration has been with us every step of the way. Recently, they helped us file for my husband’s green card process and we were approved. Our attorney Nellie Navidi prepared us for the upcoming interview and then went with us to the actual interview. All went very well and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the presence of our attorney during the actual interview. It gave us peace of mind in knowing she was there to see us through. We have complete confidence in all the work they have done for us and will continue to use them for any future needs. It’s been a long process and we owe our success in our case to all the Weinstock Immigration Lawyers who have worked side by side with us. Thank you and Job Well Done!!!”

Joseph Waithaka.
October 2017.



“I hired this company to represent me and they have done a wonderful job throughout the years. I got approved for my green card and will be using them to start my citizenship process. They made it as painless as possible and were always friendly and willing to help you understand everything you need to know. So if you’re looking for a good Immigration Lawyer Weinstock have the BEST. Thnx to all staff.”

Manal Hajj.
October 2017.



“I needed a very good immigration attorney for my family and I, so obtain a green card with our unique situation. I have considered a few options, but some friends have recommended the office of Weinstock, based on their experience so I have decided to hire them as well. We were pleasantly surprise with our experience working with this firm. Although the process itself is very complicated and cumbersome, their office made it very clear and as simple as possible for us to go through. They were always on top of things, very efficient and always courteous, and we did get our Green Card in the time frame they have predicted. Obtaining a Green Card is not a cheap process, however I feel confident that our investment with the Weinstock Firm was well worth it I would highly recommend this firm for anyone needing help in their immigration process.”

Zorik Michaeli.
October 2017.



“I was referred to Karen by a local company that highly recommended her office, which helped them issue visas. Even though my case involves multiple states and continents, I received remote precise and professional consultation and review of different documents as they came over a period of months. Albeit more costly then average, I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Psyop Guy.
September 2017.



“My case was extremely difficult. These are the 5th group of lawyers that I had consulted about our case. All others gave us no hope and said it was next to impossible. One even turned us away and said “I don’t want to take your money”….Karen Weinstock and Leslie Diaz gave us hope from the very beginning. They were professional and confident. They were honest and upfront with the costs. I consider them to be a worthy investment because they took the pain and agony of uncertainty in our daily lives away. My wife has just been issued her Green card after a long struggle with immigration. Thank you so much Karen and Leslie for saving our lives…”

Thomas Hines.
September 2017.



“I started working with Karen on the Visa for myself and my family because our previous Visa application was denied because it was poorly handled by a large, well known firm. Our case was urgent and quite complex and Karen came very highly recommended for handling tough cases.

The Weinstock team and Karen personally went above in beyond – working with urgency, extreme attention to detail and calming communication style that brought us to the finish line with confidence that everything was set up as well as could be and led to an approval.

Working with Karen & team really gave the feeling that someone who knew what they are doing has your back. That you can relax for a minute and let the professionals do their work. They were with us throughout the process – even while on vacation!

I would highly highly recommend Visa Pros to anyone going through the immigration process. Well worth the investment and effort. They get the job done!.”

Avishai Shoham.
September 2017.



“Leslie Diaz was a blessing to be able to work with. She reunited our family and we will be forever greatfully. Will recommend her to anyone who has immigration issues.”

Robin Jagnandan.
August 2017.



“My wife and I started our process to update my legal status back in October 2011 with another law firm. I did not have a legal status when we filed our application. We submitted our I-130 application and it was approved. After the approval we waiting roughly 2 years with no response. Our previous law firm could not help move the case and was at a halt. When DACA was presented I immediately submitted my application because I qualified, it was approved. I finally felt at peace to have the right to be in the US. However, I still wanted to pursue my green card. My wife and I did not know what we could do to help our case. We decided to get a second opinion with Weinstock Law Firm. The appointment process was very convenient with our schedule. The staff is very professional, organized and detail oriented. I meet with Karen the lawyer at the law firm. She was very pleasant, caring and intelligent during the whole process. Karen listened to our case and provided the best options. I applied for the DACA advance parole. Within just a few months I went to Mexico and returned with no issues. Once I returned Weinstock Law firm was very attentive and started the next step immediately. We received our appointment and I was granted my green card for 10 years. We are so grateful we were able to find this Law firm and will be returning when it’s time to apply for my citizenship. I would recommend all my family and friends to Weinstock Law firm!”

Carlos Suarez.
July 2017.



“It was great working with Nellie and Kristen in this firm, they helped me and my husband a lot in the case of immigration even though there were ups and downs and took us about 2 years. But we are really great full that everything turn out positive for my husband. THANKS TO NELLIE AND KRISTEN!!”

Erika Hernandez.
July 2017.



“We had a great experience! Weinstock was recommended to us by one of my wife’s friend, and since the first appointment we had we felt like they knew exactly what they were doing. From that point on they helped us prepare our file, and everything came together very smoothly, they responded to every question we had and we felt very confident at the time of the filing. Long story short, they helped relieved the pressure of such an important procedure with their professionalism and attentiveness. I highly recommend them!”

Julio Cesar Martinez.
July 2017.



“Let me first say, I spent a lot of time researching for a lawyer and knew we were in good hands with Nellie. Everyone in the office is so polite and professional and experienced. Nellie and the staff made sure we were well prepared, and made our case go very smoothly. We came to Weinstock two people who love each other not knowing what to do and left as husband and wife with a child as a family winning our case.
If you are looking for a lawyer I highly recommend talking with them you won’t be disappointed! -Sincerely, David and Yanmin Andreasen and our bran new daughter Annie.”

David and Yanmin.
July 2017.



“We were originally referred to Weinstock four years ago and when we were finally ready to submit a Green Card application we called her at her new offices and were referred to Nellie Navidi, who was excellent in explaining everything we would need to go thru the Green Card application process. Everything went seamless. The only hiccup we had was that my wife’s temporary work permit was lost TWICE in the mail. A temporary work permit issued November 28, 2016 ended up being delivered to my wife on February 15th. We DO NOT blame the law firm. The Post Office, the front desk of the apartment complex where we were staying, and the mailman who places letters in the box deny ever having seen such a letter. Nellie quickly took control of the matter and changed our address to her law firm. Nellie answered all our inquiries promptly. I believe the fee charged for Weinstock’s services was adequate. It’s what most Immigration law firms charge. Anyone applying for a Green Card I would strongly recommend that the attorney be present with you during the Immigration interview at USCIS. I would strongly recommend Nellie Navidi to everyone I know. Her paralegal Kathryn was also excellent, couldn’t have been better.”

July 2017.



“Nellie was very thoughtful when she was working on my case. She enumerated necessary preparation work and all possible issues for helping me obtain my PR while I was not in marriage. We worked together through out a long pending period and eventually got my case done. I strongly recommend Nellie if you have any immigration related issues.”

June 2017.



“I had a great experience! They were really great in helping me understand the process and getting me through all kinds of questions. They really went above and beyond helping me get everything in order. They were always by my side the whole way. I now have my American Citizenship. I do recommend them 100%.”

Vera Watkins. June 2017.



“Great experience with Weinstock lawyers. I once was in a very bad situation in getting my case processed but eventually we nailed it. Credits for Nellie and Alina! Thanks for your hard work, patience and time.”

Stacer S. June 2017.



“Nellie was very thoughtful when she was working on my case. She enumerated necessary preparation work and all possible issues for helping me obtain my PR while I was not in marriage. We worked together through out a long pending period and eventually got my case done. I strongly recommend Nellie if you have any immigration related issues.”

Anonymus. June 2017.



“I’m extremely impressed of the professionalism of Nellie Nahl Navidi. She took the time to explain our case and helped us decide what was best for our family. She has also helped several of our family members with their status and we are greatful and satisfied with the outcome. Overall she’s talented and very understanding. If you want a good lawyer she’s the one to go to.”

Miguel D. May 2017.



“I would highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. They are very compassionate and did a fantastic job on our case. I especially would like to thank Nellie and Alina for their hard work.”

Angela Smith. March 2017.



“I had a great experience with their law firm. They helped me with my N400 application. Nellie was an excellent lawyer and her team did a good job with my case.”

Tareq Anani. March 2017.



“VERY HELPFUL!! My situation was very complex due to a deportation order. My attorney Leslie Diaz was very honest since the first day I walked into her office and told me all the options a had and the real chances of getting my green card approved through marriage. It was a long process but Leslie answered all my emails and calls during the long wait, which made a huge difference. My green card was approved about a month ago and I couldn’t be any happier . Thank you Leslie!!!”

Grace Quijano. January 2017.



“A very professional firm. We worked with Kristen she was extremely helpful and was always available to answer any questions.”

Rafael Alvarado. January 2017.



“Very happy we made a choice to go with this firm! Leslie Diaz was very knowledgeable and optimistic about our case. She helped us first with a fiancé visa K1 and then with getting a green card. We were always able to get in touch with the lawyer herself or the paralegal if we had any questions, which were answered in a timely matter. Their prices are competitive…and they are absolutely worth it! Thanks again Leslie and Kristen!”

Natalia Pchelintseva January 2017.



“My experience with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was without a doubt one of best experiences every. I am thankful to Nellie Navidi and Alina Cox for their professionalism, understanding and overwhelming support they offer their clients. My process was lengthy, however they walked me through every process in detail. I highly recommend this firm if you ever need immigration advise or support. Thank you once again ladies and to your team for all the work you done for us. An extremely satisfied client”

Donna Green January 2017.



“We contacted Weinstock Immigration Lawyers in February 2016 regarding getting a green card for my non-citizen spouse. He just got his green card 2 weeks ago. The experience with the firm in general, and with our attorney, Nellie, is pleasant. They arranged things quickly. The speed of the whole process just really depends on us and the government. As long as we provided every necessary documents and photos, they will file them right away. We did have a minor problem with their accounting department thought. Somehow, they charged the attorney fee to another credit of mine, not the one I wanted them to charge. To us, the fee we paid for the firm is well-worthy. First, we didn’t have to worry about filling applications. We just needed to provide documents that they required and done. They even have someone to notarize and translate some of our documents. Second, without Nellie’s advice, we might let my spouse come back to his country and now we know it would be a wrong move. In addition, she also help us to get my spouse his work permit and travel documents, which we would never think about that. The work permit actually helped my spouse blending into his new live in the US easier. Third, when we received our first interview notice, we thought we have to cancel the trip that we planned for months (we already paid for everything). But it was not a problem since we had Lisa to help us to reschedule it. Reading those online forum about rescheduling immigration interview, we thought it would be hard. But Lisa made it so easy to us. Fourth, Nellie arranged a phone meeting with us before the interview. The phone call actually helped us more than we thought. It calmed us down. She told us what we should expect. Finally, Nellie came with us to the interview. We had to pay extra money to have her with us. But it really worth the money. She knows the place, all we have to do is follow her. At one point, when I talked with the interviewer, Nellie jumped in to help me to clarifying some information that might be misunderstood for the interviewer. Since we were nervous, sometimes, we might said something that we don’t even realize what we are talking about. Having someone like Nellie with us actually help us to keep the right direction. After a long interview, we finally got approval. However, for some reason, the interviewer didn’t know that we need a stamp on my spouse’s passport so he can travel with me on Christmas (in case he not yet receives his green card). The interviewer told us that the current travel docs should be okay. But Nellie knew it’s not okay and somehow, she finally get a stamp for my spouse’s passport. At that moment, we truly felt that she really goes extra miles for us – her client. When my spouse came here in the US, we would never think that we can help him to be able to stay here legally and start a new life that fast. We are same-sex couple. We have a big age difference. He was here on his B2 visa. We understand that those 3 things absolutely bring a red flag to an immigration case. We thought it would be very hard we might have to deal with a lot of emotional stress. Luckily, we have Nellie and Lisa who make the whole process is surprisingly smooth. We are very happy with them. If you are reading this long comment and considering hiring an attorney for your immigration case, you should consider Nellie.”

Richard Misener December 2016.



“I was directed to this firm by my employer as they were assisting in my application for a green card. The process was very straightforward and simplified by a comprehensive questionnaire. A few simple calls and everything was on it’s way. They were very knowledgable in the process and requirements and answered all my questions immediately. They kept me updated of the progress all along the way and followed up to the completion. This was definately a good choice and well worth the investment to have the confidence that my application was complete and would be processed without issue.”

Ted Hawkshaw December 2016.



“The best I’ve ever had, this firm got the job done rather quickly. I was impatient with them because the process took quiet a while, but that was due to immigration itself not the law firm. But in itself Weinstock law firm ,I was told by the Ethiopian consulate the the paper work was so detailed and organized , that they were amazed and said they wished everyone who came to them was like it , also it made process move along at a rapid pace , job well done, well done weinstock. Well done. Thank you and I now have my wife coming within a couple of weeks.”

A.C. December 2016.



“I was a client of Karen Weinstock for over 10 years, first when she was at another firm and then I sought out her expertise when she open her own practice. In fact, Karen was recommended to me by a colleague who lives across the country, who commented that “Weinstock is J1″. If you have a seemingly impossible J1 situation, these are the people you contact. Most recently, Nellie N. and Lisa S. from Weinstock Immigration Lawyers helped out my mother with her green card application. They were professional, goal-oriented, and got everything done on time. I have recommended Weinstock’s team to a few of my friends. I am happily doing it here as well.”

Max X. December 2016.






“Immigrating to the United States is quite a complicated, long and tidious process – however Weinstock Immigration Lawyers made that process a lot less painful and also possible for me! They were very clear, responsive and human throughout the situation and really made me feel like they cared about my unique situation and how they could deliver solutions that worked for both me and my family. I was able to obtain work visa and then permanent residency thanks to their work and will look to use their services again in the future for any of my immigration needs and queries! If you are in need of legal help in your immigration process, working with Weinstock lawyers is a very wise investment – strongly recommend! Special note to Leslie Diaz, who is hands down the nicest person I’ve had a chance to speak to in the legal world!”

Jonas Ferry, November 2019


“AMAZING 11/10 – Rajeshri Patel and the team are very profesional and knowledgeable. They have guided and supported us exceptionally well throughout the application process. They make the application process look so easy for the applicants no matter how complicated your case might be. Very meticulous and thorough in thier work. I would like to thank them here as well for what they have done for me. I would highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for your immigration matters. You all are the best. Thank you!”

Harsh Dhabhai, November 2019



“Raju was my immigration lawyer for both H1B and Greencard. I worked in a non-profit organization, which has a unique structure. Raju straightened out the whole process and helped me get both visas. I had a lot of questions in the process and was able to get Raju’s response within 24 hours. I’ve seen many of my friends complaining that lawyers were not responding or basically ignoring, I never had any problem like these with Raju at all. If you look for someone who is always on top of things and stands beside you in the whole process, Raju should be on the top of your list. I highly recommend her.”

Yuan Yue, October 2019


” I was assisted by the Weinstock Immigration Lawyers firm (Raju Patel, Alina Cox, and others) in multiple occassions for several immigration related applications. I received a very professional and thorough service throughout the entirety of the application processes. I was very happy on how responsive the firm was on a daily basis, as well as how organized they were on their application prep processes. They would prepare an entire application packet with supporting documentation for me and mail it so I would be ready for any in-person interviews. Also, they had a really nice cloud based storage service used to upload application backup documentation in a centralized manner. Lastly, they offered complimentary phone consultation on several instances for interview preparation. Overall, I was very satisfied with the service they provided and would heavily recommed them to anyone in the need of immigration attorneys.”

Manuel Valencia, October 2019


“Raju made my green card application process a breeze. Diligent and knowledgeable in every step, addressing all my concerns and questions.”

Adaku S., October 2019



“I couldn’t ask to have a better law firm on my case. Karen and her team are amazing!! They are efficient in getting things done in a timely manner, very transparent in keeping you informed each step of the way and knowing what to anticipate next, and very available – they will get back to you on the same day!! My case was assigned to Vered initially and then to Alina, and they are just wonderful!!! I highly recommend this team and have been telling others about them. My referrals would be smart to give these guys a call to start consultations.”

Jannice Beckford, August 2019.




“Karen and her team have been a tremendous help. I was at risk of freezing out due to my age and she was able to write a letter on my behalf to have my case expedited. They not only sped up my process but did an excellent job with our documents as well, while preparing us for the interview. My family and I received our visas not too long after that and we are forever grateful to the Weinstock team.”

Shanice Linton, September 2018.



“My wife and I have been extremely happy with the services provided to us by the Weinstock Lawyers and in particular by the lawyer Rajeshri Patel. She assisted us for our green card application. My wife’s application got stuck for more than 2 years and we were constantly monitored by our lawyer and assistant. We never lost confidence in our lawyer during this rather long process and eventually the petition was accepted. Working with Raju and her team has been a great experience for us. They literally removed the burden from our shoulders. Whatever we were charged for their serviced was money very (very!) well spent.

The experience of some of my friends who used other (and cheaper) lawyers has been not so good and smooth. In one case a friend had to re-do his green card application from scratch. A nightmare.

All this can be avoided hiring some of the best professional in the business. To other people looking for a great immigration lawyer I would recommend not to hesitate and contact the Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. They won’t regret it.”

Marco Ajello, July 2018.



“Raju is a prime example of an excellent immigration lawyer is. She is very comprehensive and knowledgable of the immigration process. She helped and worked with us diligently to acquire our green card like her own family member. She is very respectful on all of our conversations and discussions. She had answered our questions and queries punctually which gave us peace of mind through this complicated process because we knew she was handling our case very closely. From the time she took over our case from a previous “so-called immigration lawyer” (which we found out later was an employment lawyer), we can attest that her service (and her company Weinstock Immigration) is highly exceptional. We were so disgruntled and frustrated from what happened initially to our case but Raju eased our fears and frustrations because of her demeanor but aggressive approach on fixing the situation that time. She guided us through the process and she was honest enough to let us know if she is does know the answer as well, and she took time to know it for us. We recommended her to our very close friend who even had a worse situation than us. She was able to straighten things for them and they are very grateful for recommending her.”

Erwin Bassig. July 2018.



“We have officially received our green card a couple of weeks ago and we are really excited about this. We could not probably go through this process smoothly without the help of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers (we initially worked with Karen and then Raju: both of them are excellent and very professional). The company is very adept with the immigration laws, staff are very courteous and they answer your questions very timely. I have worked with them (most especially with Raju) for almost six years and not a single time they disappoint. They are honest to admit if they do not know the answers to our questions but very helpful and pro-active in finding answers for us. Highly recommended!!!!!!”

Erwin Bassig. July 2018.



“I had excellent experience with Weinstock. I’ve been working with Raju and her team for couple years. Raju has assisted me throughout my working visa to Green Card process. I highly recommend Weinstock to anyone who are in need of immigration assistance.”

Kornchai Anujhun. April 2018.



“Karen, Raju, and the rest of the team took care of me and family from the day we started to work on our relocation to the U.S. until the day we got our green card. Karen and her team are real pros, they mentored us throughout the proccess, made sure that the paperwork is filled properly, and did whatever they could to ensure that we will get approved as soon as possible. Working with USCIS is a very complicated process, and you need to know that you are in good hands of pros that knows what they are doing. With Karen and her team I felt that I was in good hands.”

Guy Weinberg. December 2017.



“We had a situation where my company hired a different firm that caused us a deny (L1A) – Karen and her great team at Weinstock immigration made the impossible and got approval on my second application. after this great experience there was no doubt about who is going to handle my application for GC (which got approved). Do yourself a favor and hire Weinstock immigration to handle your immigration business!”

Kobi Gayus-Shive. November 2017.



“I had a great experience working with Weinstock Firm!! I actually heard Weinstock from the general manager of my company. Since I was the first foreigner employee he has ever hired, he had to reach out many of his colleagues to pinpoint the best immigration law firm. Receiving great feedback and recommendations about Weinstock, we decided to choose them as our lawyers. Weinstock is very professional and proficient. The company I work for is a non-profit organization and has a very unique structure. The whole process of applying H1B and Greencard is very complex and fluctuating. But weinstock helped me win both complicated cases at the first time. Their work is amazing and their experience is very reliable!! Their service quality is fabulous. Whenever I asked a question, I could definitely hear back from them in a day or two. So I didn’t have to be panic and anxious, they are always on top of things and being around to help me. Besides, their prompt responses are very thorough and professional.”

Yuan Yue. October 2017.



“I had a great experience with Weinstock immigration lawyers. I started a work visa process in early February with another firm , which couldn’t get all the material ready by late June. That’s the time at which I switched to working with Weinstock immigration lawyers. They knew exactly what they were doing, and were able to finalize the application in about 3 weeks, after which my application was approved.
Throughout the process, they worked professionally and with great attention to details.
I hight recommend them!”

Evyatar Segal. August 2017.



“It was great experience working with Karen’s team. As expected from top professionals they knew exactly how to handle the case and did an excellent job in preparing the Green Card documents.”

Ilya Gurevich. August 2017.



“Raju helped me through the process of obtaining a new TN visa after receiving an offer for a new job. She is very knowledgeable and guided me and the HR personnel in my new company through all the steps and requirements to make this experience a successful enterprise. She is very candid and honest and explains every step of the process as it is. You will always know what is next with her and she will guide you through the process to get things right. It was my pleasure to have hired her as my immigration attorney.”

Bernardo Bulnes. June 2017.



“It was a great pleasure working with Raju. She is very professional and easy to communicate with. She did an excellent job in preparing the documents for my case, which indeed has been approved very fast. I would highly recommend Raju and the firm for immigration petitions.”

Yingjie Lao. April 2017.



“Very experienced attorney”

Edo Ohayon. March 2017.



“I am an Indian Citizen working as a Software Engineer in the US and I had applied for my Green card 12 years before. My green card was pending approval for a long time as it was getting processed on EB3. When my application date became current I received an RFE from USCIS and it had to be answered. I was prompted by my employer to approach Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to seek help in answering the RFE. I started interacting with the Weinstock Lawyers, submitted them all the necessary documents. The paralegal was very courteous and after analyzing my situation they were able to prepare the necessary paperwork and were able to reply to the RFE. To my great surprise, I got my green card approval from USCIS without any further delay or queries. I thank profusely Weinstock Lawyers for their help in enabling me to put an end to my long wait for the green card. I was also charged very little for their invaluable services. I highly recommend them for anyone who is seeking immigration help.”

Satya Giriappa. February 2017.



“I contacted attorney Patel after having doubts of what Mrs. Reilly, my past attorney was doing with my case. Patel explained me how I was going to be banned for 3 years from entering the US for the actions of my past lawyer who did not file in time in my name. Thanks to Patel’s extensive knowledge of the law, professionalism and care, in a very difficult case I was able to get a new visa. For all this, if you ask me she is nothing less than an angel.”

David Diaz. January 2017.



“I had a pleasure to work with Karen and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. It was a very smooth ride from my H-1B visa to the green card.
The team was able to show commitment to the case and work under severe time pressure to make sure everything was done right and in time.
I would definitely recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to anyone who’s looking for immigration-related help.”

Sergii. November 2016.



“After many years of having working visas, I decided to move forward and look for the permanent residency through my employer. It is a long and complex process and the company and I needed to make sure that we had the best immigration lawyers on our side. They are very professional and knowledgeable, the whole process was flawless, thanks to them. I would definitely recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for your all your immigration needs, they are the best. Always thankful, Felipe.”

Felipe Bobadilla. July 2016.



“My name is Karima. Karen and her staff helped me with my green card procedure. They are really nice and helpful. They always have answered quick to are emails and phone calls. They also answered all my questions regarding about my green card. They staff is really friendly and always helpful. They are the best lawyers in Atlanta. Trust me on that.”

Karishma Allauddin. June 2016.



“I hired Rajeshri Shah Patel to work on my employment-based application for permanent residency. I appreciated the guidance of Rajeshri and her expertise in the immigration laws, which are considered to be very complicated and dynamically changing. She was very patient with me and answered all my questions. I encourage everyone, however, to seek second and third opinions to all questions you ask an attorney. The turnaround of all legal work was fast and the outcome was successful. The pricing was affordable for me to pay. In the course of my application, I received a request for evidence, which we were able to resolve when I prepared a sworn statement. To avoid receiving requests for evidence, I suggest everyone to make sure you provide all relevant information to USCIS up front and double check if your application was correctly completed by an attorney. Hope this helps and good luck!”.

I.S. March 2016.



“They filed the I-140 petition on my behalf. I really appreciate the high quality of their work. For example, all the letters of recommendation were extremely well written, and every sentence highlighted me and my research, not someone in general. Also, they responded to my inquiry very quickly, even during the weekend. My case was approved within a week. Overall, it’s an absolutely pleasant experience working with them! Additionally, I felt the charge was very reasonable. I just provided them a summary of my research and some documents. They took care of everything else. If you need someone to help you file your I-140, I will strongly recommend Attorneys Karen Weinstock and Leslie Diaz because I worked with both of them, and they are absolutely awesome.”

Meihua Qian. January 2016.



“My husband and I went through Weinstock for our green card applications (employment based), and just recently got our approvals! although the process was lengthy and complicated mainly due to the nature of the field I am in and my related degrees, there was no doubt in my mind at any point that Weinstock would be able to help us through the process. They have been very helpful throughout and answered every question we had promptly and efficiently. Thank you Weinstock team!”

Liisa Nasanen. August 2016.







“I will always be grateful for Weinstock immigration lawyers they got me my citizenship in 6 months they was the only ones who could help. Thank you Weinstock Immigration lawyers.”

Roland Forbes. March 2018.



“I’ve been working with Weinstock for several years. They have assisted me with H1B to Green Card transition, Green Card extension, and US Citizenship. Always great experiences with the lawyers and paralegals. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal immigration assistance.”

Leandro Faria. March 2018.



“Compared with previous attorneys or law firms, the professionalism and dedication from Nellie Navidi and Vered Hod were tremendous. The attorneys were more concerned with helping me get my case done successfully. I felt relieved when we got in the second week of work on the case I realized I was at the right place and was extremely confident that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I want to take this time again to extend my thanks and appreciation to Nellie and her team for helping me get my status done. Those who are looking for attorneys please select Nellie and her team you won’t regret. You will get your money worth. Weinstock Immigration Lawyers are very detailed to attention. Thanks”

Melissa Konneh. October 2017.



“Nellie Navidi was my lawyer for my immigration and naturalization process. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding immigration matters, was able to provide insights based on her extensive experience, and this helped with navigating the complexities of the process. When there were delays from USCIS, Nellie personally followed up, and provided me with regular updates on the status of the application. Retaining Nellie and the Weinstock firm was a worthwhile investment, and I highly recommend her.”

Roti. October 2017.



“Nellie did a great job with my N400 application. She was very thorough and reliable. Thank you.”

Anonymous. March 2017.



“I really appreciate the high quality of her work. She is knowledgeable lawyer and hard work I have ever known”

Tri Ngo. March 2017.



“For nearly two years since I passed my naturalization interview, I had not heard any decision from USCIS (approval or denial). Every inquiry I sent to the USCIS gave me the same reply: wait. Every Infopass appointment I went to got me the same answer: wait. I lost hope on ever getting my citizenship, which is why, when Nellie got me an oath letter, it felt kinda surreal. But when I swore my allegiance to the US today in the ceremony, I knew it was real. I am actually a US citizen now.
Looking back, I wished I had asked for help from Weinstock earlier. The lawyer who helped me, Ms. Nellie Navidi, is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. She went to the Infopass appointment for me in the morning and within six hours, rescued my case from the administrative sinkhole and had my oath scheduled for the following week.
Nellie and all other lawyers at Weinstock have been in this business for many years. They know how to deal with USCIS. They know when to be nice and patient, and when to push USCIS with just the right amount of force to get things done. I highly recommend those who have difficulty with immigration to contact Weinstock. It saves so much time and energy, not to even mention their very reasonable price.”

Richard Zhang. September 2016.



“Ms Weinstock and her team did a great job! Before I hired her, I tried to get through immigration laws on my own, and failed after spending lots of money on fees. Karen knew exactly what to do, anticipated the obstacles and how to overcome them. She knew what will be the next step and the exact timing. At the end of it, problems solved!”

O. S. August 2016.



“Nellie was very professional and competent in managing our unique citizenship case. My spouse’s case was expedited Citizenship with a 319-B exception while living abroad with me as a private military contractor. Nellie had to adapt and prove our case a USCIS officer that had no experience with a case of our circumstances and did not want to grant my wife’s citizenship. She was successful in doing so as our case was approved, at the same time very friendly and comforting to be around because of her positivity and sense of humor…….. Not the typical attorneys I’m used to. Nellie was very sincere with my wife’s case and council and I do not believe we would have been successful without her. Thanks again Nellie!”

Preston May 2016.



“I worked with Leslie to obtain my green card and citizenship. What kept me coming back to her is that she stayed on top of everything and always updated me on every step or notification received. The whole process was worry free.”

Jose April 2016.



“I would very highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to anyone looking for top-notch immigration-related representation. I needed help with an issue and enlisted them to help me with my process. They handled my case successfully and were extremely helpful. Nellie Navidi met with me and was very professional and friendly from the beginning. I was put at ease after she explained the process. Our correspondence via email and in person was great and Nellie even accompanied me to my interview. At my interview appointment, just like she assured me, everything went very smoothly with no issues whatsoever. For the great results I received, their fee was very reasonable and it was money well spent. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend them 100 times over!!”

Stephen Tettey February 2016.



“Weinstock Immigration Lawyers (WIL) was recommended to me by a friend with a challenging immigration issue. Noticing how satisfied and happy he was with his process I felt that I should give them a try knowing that I needed a lawyer for my naturalization process. Contacting WIL and meeting Nellie Navidi and her staff was the best thing that could happened to me. My naturalization process I thought was going to be fraught with anxiety, obstacles and pain. NONE of that thanks to Nellie and her team (Lisa), they kept me informed about deadlines and how my process was going with periodic emails. During my immigration interview I was calmed and even enjoyed my morning at the immigration office with Nellie by my side (hard to believe if you’ve ever been to that office haha). I will be recommending without hesitation WIL to any one I hear has any migratory problem. Nellie is absolutely wonderful !! Love them and will be forever grateful for my smooth naturalization process! PS. I got patriotic mints and a small constitution booklet after I became a citizen as a congratulatory gift from Weinstock Immigration, I thought that was awesome! :)”

Cedric Pimentel September 2015.






“At first i was scared but after seeing them in action, no words could explain – I start feeling much better – not one time miss Diaz told me she couldn’t get me out, plus they always keep in touch with my family. Thanks to Weinstock and their team, great job!”

Karl NelsonApril 2019


I called because I needed help with an immigration issue. I was pleased with the way in which my case was handled. I was made very comfortable throughout the process. The fee was a very good investment, because my problem was cleared up. Please if you or someone you know has an immigration issue call they will do their very best to help. They did for me.”

Debbie B. March 2017.






“I am so happy that with the help of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, I got my green card. It all started when my company looked for a new immigration lawyer to extend my H1-b after the first one did not work. We had a bad experience from my previous lawyer. But with Weinstock, particularly Raju Patel and Alina Cox, everything went smooth. From H1-b extensions to EB-2, everything went well. They are so helpful, very professional, very knowledgeable, and will attend to all of your needs. I met them in person and they are so welcoming and I felt comfortable talking to them about my immigration issues because they give the best advise! Thank you guys so much! I highly recommend these guys to anyone who are seeking immigration help. Great job guys!”

H. Briones March 2017.



“Our experience with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was by far the best experience we have had with any top law firm in Atlanta (We had the opportunity to request the services of four of them prior to contacting Weinstock Immigration Lawyers). Karen and Vered are extremely knowledgable and professional. They addressed all our concerns resulting in a successful approval of our immigration application and transition of status. I will recommend them for any one who may be seeking representation for a smooth and successful immigration process.”

Pc Shum. February 2017.



Karen and her staff were a life saver to our project, EXPOSED Festival of Israeli contemporary dance and theater. They were highly professional, very thorough, readily available, gave good and clear advice, knew the immigration landscape inside and out. All things being said, I would only use and recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for future visa needs. I am grateful.”

Sue Schroeder. January 2017.



“We worked with Leslie on our EB1 petition and overall we had great experience. Leslie is really easy to communicate with, she responded to our questions promptly and she basically took care of everything from beginning to end. She’s really professional and knows her craft very well. She’s also really flexible, I asked for some last minute changes on the application material and she accommodated our request immediately. We would highly recommend Leslie and this firm if you are also applying for green card/ petitioning for employment-based immigration!”

大甦小艾 Suyi Ally. December 2016.



“We needed a Green Card for one of our employees on an E-Visa and after some research we hired Weinstock Immigration. During the first meeting, after review of some key information, the attorney assigned to our case, Rajeshri Patel, clearly explained the process, the expected time frame and the approach she was going to have and how our company needed to cooperate for the best opportunity to succeed. She personally, together with the paralegal Alina Cox, guided us through every step. After 1 year our employee received his green card. No audit, no delays, no RFE required. Everything was very smooth and quick. Costs exactly as per initial quote. Strongly recommended to every business.”

Spencer Barkoff. November 2016.



“We needed a Green Card for one of our employees on an E-Visa and after some research we hired Weinstock Immigration. During the first meeting, after review of some key information, the attorney assigned to our case, Rajeshri Patel, clearly explained the process, the expected time frame and the approach she was going to have and how our company needed to cooperate for the best opportunity to succeed. She personally, together with the paralegal Alina Cox, guided us through every step. After 1 year our employee received his green card. No audit, no delays, no RFE required. Everything was very smooth and quick. Costs exactly as per initial quote. Strongly recommended to every business.”

Benzi America. November 2016.



“Raju helped me with my EB1 petition which has been approved just 8 days after submission!! I was very impressed with Raju’s profession and excellent writing in petition letter, reference letters, etc. She is also very trustworthy and very effective in preparation of all my documentations and evidences. I would recommend her to everyone I know who want to get immigration service.”

M. H. November 2016.



“I had a wonderful experience with Karen and Vered from Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, needed assistance in getting an E1 visa. Huge amount of paperwork and documentations needed, Both Keren and Vered did an amazing job in helping us putting everything together and submitting all needed info. Their response time, patient and general wide experience in everything related to immigration laws and requirements were impeccable. I highly recommend whoever is in need of an immigration lawyer or assistance in Visa related issues to contact Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. Thank you Keren and vered for all your help, i’m defiantly a very happy customer and more than to recommend your services to others. Warm regards, Itzik Polnauer”

Itzik Polnauer July 2016.



“We contacted Karen by a family recommendation from someone who desperately needed to leave her country of origin. We were in a similar situation. Karen and her wonderful staff guided us with GPS precision through the difficult ¨foggy¨ process of getting an investors visa. They are well versed and knowledgeable of the difficult and painstaking process of an application and they have a real understanding of what really is at stake if you don´t get it. They work inspired by that and they make sure the process covers all the pointy edges and fine print of the requirements. It has been an investment well spent!!”

Moises Hernández June 2016.



“I hired Weinstock Lawyers because of a recommendation form one consulate. Karen and her team helped me with my investor’s visa. They covered all the pointy edges and intricate details of an investor’s visa application from the business plan to my wife’s working permit. The have answered all my questions and they do their work considering what is at stake in terms of life, money and well being when someone applies for an immigration visa. I can tell it was money well invested.”

Doc Lion June 2016.



“I had the pleasure to work with Karen and her team for the past 5 years, first for my R1 visa and later for my green card application, Karen and her staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. in the immigration world it is so nice to find lawyers that are getting the job done while providing you with great costumer service!”

Roey Shoshan December 2015.



“Before we had one dedicated firm to handle all our immigration cases, we would get conflicting information and the attorneys we used may not have our company’s best interests in mind. We had been getting advice from Weinstock Immigration for years and occasionally would use them when an employee would ask for a referral. Karen Weinstock is uber focused on compliance and keeping us out of any immigration audit or lawsuit. She will be frank and honest- I totally trust her. When we received an audit based on another attorney’s work, we passed it on the Weinstock firm to handle, which led to a positive outcome. When it was decided that we needed to consolidate all our cases and have a dedicated firm, we received bids from three firms. Weinstock’s service is what put them over the edge and made us choose them. They are always available, and there is no need to make an appointment to talk with an attorney. That’s a big plus, as we are fast-paced and quite often need answers quickly. I can’t say enough about Karen Weinstock, Raju Patel, Vered Hod and the entire team. They are professional and knowledgeable, and I know our company is compliant on all immigration issues. I can’t imagine using any other firm. They are well deserving of praise.”

Carolyn Redding November 2015.



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I-601 Unlawful Presence Waiver



Green Card



Green Card and R-1 Visa



Green Card and Work Visa



Green Card, Work Visa and Citizenship Client






Religious Worker Visa (R-1) and Green Card



Work Visa, Green Card and Citizenship Client



Work Visa and Green Card



K-1 Visa Woes






Work Visa, Green Card and Citizenship Client






Removal Defense Client








Perdón por Presencia Ilegal



Perdón por Presencia Ilegal



Perdón por Presencia Ilegal



Perdón por Presencia Ilegal



Perdón por Presencia Ilegal



Perdón por Presencia Ilegal y Deportación




  • L-1 visa approved for COO after a prior denial. Company revenues increased by 300% that year.
  • Green card approved in half the time and without a USCIS Request for Additional Evidence. In comparison, his colleagues who filed with a different law firm all received Requests for Additional Evidence that took more time and money to respond.
  • Visa and green card approved for employee of large defense contractor who almost had to leave the U.S. and go back home because the maximum time on his visa was being reached. Company was able to retain this key employee and fulfill its contractual obligations to the U.S. military worth millions of dollars.
  • Client saved $250,000 in fines and avoided criminal penalties after we represented the company in an H-1B visa audit with the Department of labor. Multiple H-1B visas approved for company after USCIS denied many visas it filed. Revenues increased by 15% following that year.
  • L-1 visa granted in one week and later green card approved for owner/managing director of a company that needed to expand to the U.S. to secure a contract with one of the three largest U.S. retailers. Contract implemented and client’s business grew ten-fold.
  • L-1 visa approved for a client after the prior attorney filed, received an RFE, and later denied. Client was able to move operations to the U.S., get a patent and sell the technology to Fortune 500 CIOs.
  • Green card approved for assistant professor in the Outstanding professor and researcher category within less than 2 years after PHD completion.



  • O-1 visa and green card approved for a violinist after she received 2 prior USCIS denials. This allowed her to perform in Carnegie Hall, as well as other venues.
  • Client received U.S. Citizenship only 60 days after we filed a mandamus against USCIS. Client’s case was delayed by more than 3 years before then.
  • Diversity Visa lottery client got approved within 4 weeks for green card despite a very serious time crunch. Visa was filed in August but was approved by the September 30 deadline by diligent follow ups with the USCIS.
  • Asylum granted to Iraqi doctor and his family within less than 6 months, avoiding removal proceedings.
  • Naturalization granted to applicant with a drug felony conviction after other attorneys advised him he would get denied. His wife received her green card shortly after.
  • Green card approved in a very complex case involving identity fraud. Client went to several other attorneys who could not help her.



  • Husband and wife were reunited after a year long separation because the consulate mistakenly determined he was inadmissable for a visa. Within 1 month after hiring us, we were able to rectify the mistake and get him his green card and back in the U.S. with his wife.
  • Client received U.S. Citizenship only 60 days after we filed a mandamus against USCIS. Client’s case was delayed by more than 3 years before then.
  • Wife was able to return from Mexico and receive green card after being stuck there for more than a year because of his prior attorney’s mistake.
  • Green card approved after embassy determined client was permanently inadmissible for trying to smuggle her brother without a waiver possibility.
  • Green card application reopened where clients had provided the wrong documents to prove eligibility. Case was reopened within a month of filing, set for an interview and approved a couple months after that.
  • Waiver of unlawful presence and green card approved for Mexican national whose wife passed away while case was processing.
  • Green card approved within 30 days after embassy denied immigrant visa for client. Client since immigrated to the U.S. and reunited with her daughter and grandchildren.



  • Client received green card after being advised by prior lawyer to take deportation order. Client is now a U.S. citizen and glad he got a second opinion.
  • Green card granted to a minister who had previously been denied by USCIS because a notice was lost in the mail and he didn’t file on time.
  • Green card approved based on employment after a previous deportation was reopened. Client now happily owns his own business.
  • Green card granted in removal proceedings in one year for client whose case had been pending in immigration case for nearly 10 years before our firm got involved.
  • Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal granted in removal proceedings to single mother of four with a daughter in gifted program.
  • Green card and criminal waiver granted by immigration judge to foreign national who entered on a fiancee visa but didn’t stay married to spouse.



  • H-1B visa approved for physician in 3 days after previous attorney made a mistake filing for the wrong entity. Physician avoided getting stuck outside the U.S. and the hospital continued to serve patients.
  • Green card based on National Interest Waiver approved for a psychiatrist & researcher. Client was accepted to Harvard University and able to apply for research grants on his own.
  • Self-petitioned green card based on National Interest Waiver granted for a researcher invovled in cancer research. Client opened her own company to advance cancer research therapies to help millions of people.
  • Medical clinic in rural area was able to get a J-1 visa waiver and H-1B visa for a primary care doctor to work there after the owner of the clinic and only physician died. Clinic continued operations and can treat patients in remote area.
  • Green card approved for Canadian doctor to work in a healthcare organization south of Atlanta that did not have a physician. Client is now an attending physician responsible for entire department.
  • Green card and J-1 waiver approved based on doctor’s research contributions for childhood cancers. Doctor was able to remain in the U.S. and continue her research. Hospital was able to secure grant funds for research.



  • Investor husband and wife received green card after going through 3 attorneys, 10 years of immigration struggles and multiple USCIS petitions and denials. Their financial investments and 10 U.S. jobs were protected.
  • E-2 visa granted to investor/owner of a home furnishing importer after a prior attorney filed a petition that was denied. Client’s business grew from $10 to $15 million.
  • Visa and later on green card granted to investor in a real estate development that secured 14 American jobs and $5 Milllion in revenues by year 3 of the business.
  • Green card approved for co-founder, CEO and investor in a time crunch when the company was about to be sold to another company in an exit merger.
  • Visa and later on green card approved for Japanese investor and co-founder of a company that crossed the $10 milion mark becaue the investor was able to move here.
  • Visa and green card approved for investor and co-founder in a pharmaceutical business that was able to obtain a patent, FDA approval and millions in sales a few years later, after his initial visa got denied when he used another attorney.



A hospital in Georgia used a major corporate labor and employment law firm to handle an H-1B visa for one of its physicians, but the attorneys filed the case incorrectly because they did not have the necessary healthcare immigration expertise. When it was time to file for a key physician’s green card, they discovered that the H-1B visa was filed incorrectly and the physician was out of status and working without authorization.


Hospital was at risk of losing significant revenues and its ability to care for patients. Because he was out of status, a key physician had to stop working and return to his home country as it is no longer lawful for him to live and work here. He faced the loss not only of his salary, but his entire investment in residency and fellowship in the United States. He could not file for a green card, and the hospital was about to lose a significant return on investment it made in this physician throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.


We immediately strategized a plan of action to address this gross mistake. We acknowledged the mistake to USCIS and filed an extraordinary circumstances application with request to reinstate the doctor’s status. USCIS approved the case.


The doctor was approved for the correct visa and his status was reinstated retroactively, so he did not have to leave the country. Our swift action and creative solution allowed the physician to remain in the United States while his case was sorted out. His status was quickly reinstated, enabling him to continue his important work in caring for patients. The hospital did not lose revenues and received a return on the investment it made in the physician. The physician also referred 2 of his colleagues to work in the hospital, saving the hospital significant recruitment efforts.



A technology company that relied on many H-1B workers received an H-1B audit from the U.S. Department of Labor. During the same year, all of the H-1B visas that the company filed were denied by USCIS. The company came to us to help with the audit and to obtain approvals for the H-1B visas that were denied.


Company was at risk to lose a contract worth $500,000 because it was unable to get the visas for key employees approved. The company was also facing $250,000 in fines and criminal penalties in the Department of Labor investigations. The executives of the company were unable to properly run its operations in light of the audit.


After the company hired us, we prepared a full response to the Department of Labor audit. We advised the company on strategies to mitigate its damages and mitigate its risks of fines and criminal penalties. At the same time, we filed several appeals and actions on the denied H-1B visas.


We were successful in negotiating a deal with the Department of Labor that resulted in no fines and no criminal penalties to the company and its owners and executives. Multiple H-1B visa applications were later approved, and the company was able to fulfill its contracts and obligations. Company’s revenues increased by 15% following that year.



An IT consulting company came to us after an L-1 visa application for its Chief Operating Officer was denied. The company could not move forward with its operations expansion without its COO.


Company was at risk of losing a key employee and was unable to properly run its business operations in the United States because its first attorney failed to obtain the L-1 visa status needed for that employee. Company was at risk of losing key contracts because it was unable to recruit and train enough consultants on time without the COO.


After the company hired us, we devised a completely different strategy to overcome the prior denial. We rebuilt the case from scratch to ensure we had all of the critical documents in place when we filed the case.


The company received the visa approval in less than a week after we filed the case with USCIS. The COO happily relocated to the United States and continued the business operation expansion by joining up with a larger IT company through a joint venture agreement. This momentous business deal could not have been possible without the COO.



A hospital in Georgia used a major corporate labor and employment law firm to handle an H-1B visa for one of its physicians, but the attorneys filed the case incorrectly because they did not have the necessary healthcare immigration expertise. When it was time to file for a key physician’s green card, they discovered that the H-1B visa was filed incorrectly and the physician was out of status and working without authorization.


Hospital was at risk of losing significant revenues and its ability to care for patients. Because he was out of status, a key physician had to stop working and return to his home country as it is no longer lawful for him to live and work here. He faced the loss not only of his salary, but his entire investment in residency and fellowship in the United States. He could not file for a green card, and the hospital was about to lose a significant return on investment it made in this physician throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.


We immediately strategized a plan of action to address this gross mistake. We acknowledged the mistake to USCIS and filed an extraordinary circumstances application with request to reinstate the doctor’s status. USCIS approved the case.


The doctor was approved for the correct visa and his status was reinstated retroactively, so he did not have to leave the country. Our swift action and creative solution allowed the physician to remain in the United States while his case was sorted out. His status was quickly reinstated, enabling him to continue his important work in caring for patients. The hospital did not lose revenues and received a return on the investment it made in the physician. The physician also referred 2 of his colleagues to work in the hospital, saving the hospital significant recruitment efforts.