Immigrant Heritage Month

immigrant heritage month

June is Immigrant Heritage Month

In these dark times where immigrants are blamed for a lot of things that don´t work in our country, it is more important than ever to appreciate our immigration heritage and to treat newcomers with dignity, respect and love.

Though our country’s roots can be largely traced back to successive generations of immigrants, many of today’s federal immigration policies ignore and do a lot of harm to that history.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. State and local governments increasingly pursue immigration policies and initiatives that integrate immigrants and capitalize on the new energy they bring to local communities. Immigrants bring their cultures, gastronomy and values to our country and share them with us making us a richer nation.

Besides, a growing number of communities have adopted welcoming policies where local governments and community groups work to develop innovative programs and policies that help immigrants integrate into the fabric of the city, and, in return, become more productive community members.

Interestingly, some of the states welcoming and benefitting from immigration now were once struggling with the issue, even passing punitive immigration enforcement policies. However, many are rethinking their old exclusionary policies and are obtaining the benefits as a result.

Many of the welcoming cities are also participating in Immigrant Heritage Month activities as another way to bring neighbours together. Through events across America, communities will celebrate the contributions that immigrants have made and continue to make to our nation. Communities and local governments are taking the lead when it comes to immigration.

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