Immigration Lawyers in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Do you require the assistance of an immigration attorney in Sandy Springs, Georgia, for a crucial
immigration matter? If so, you can trust the Visa Pros at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, who have a
location in Georgia in a desirable and convenient location servicing the Sandy Springs, GA population.
We are a group of skilled and qualified immigration lawyers, and we are equipped to handle any case
involving family-based immigration or employment-based immigration.

Sandy Springs is a wonderful place to live, it is very close to the city of Atlanta and yet can afford a more
convenient lifestyle with larger homes and apartments available. The city, now the second largest in
Georgia, has gone through a huge transformation over the past few years and many international
companies, including UPS and Mercedes Benz, have their corporate headquarters in Sandy Springs.

We are aware that migrating to and from the United States can be challenging. People frequently lack
knowledge of the local language, culture, laws, and other important details. You can immigrate much
more easily thanks to our professional immigration lawyers.

With decades of knowledge and experience, we have assisted thousands of people and several
businesses in obtaining temporary and permanent visas to the United States. Our commitment to
professionalism and openness permeates every aspect of the legal services we offer regarding
immigration. To make sure you are continually informed of what is happening, our immigration
attorneys work directly with you.

Why Choose Weinstock Immigration Lawyers in Sandy Springs, Georgia?

We are happy to respond to your question about why you should hire Weinstock Immigration Lawyers
in Sandy Springs, Georgia to handle your immigration needs. In the United States, immigration law is
incredibly complicated, making immigration attorneys a particularly specialized field. Normally,
attorneys who practice other areas of law, such as employment, criminal, and family law, would not
represent immigration clients out of concern that they may make a mistake because immigration law is
so complex and unique. Immigration errors can completely ruin someone's life in the United States and
result in their deportation, which is extremely expensive. Because of this, each and every one of our
immigration lawyers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and elsewhere focuses solely on the practice of
immigration law.

Our immigration lawyers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, will collaborate with you to fully comprehend your
situation before assembling the best immigration team to assist you in obtaining a visa, a green card, or

U.S. citizenship. Our staff is made up of knowledgeable individuals that are enthusiastic about
immigration law. To give our clients the finest outcomes possible, we continuously work to enhance our
systems and processes. As a consequence, we have the highest industry acceptance rates.

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, provide assistance to clients in all aspects of
immigration law, including the drafting of work visa applications for entry into the United States, family-
based green cards, and relief from deportation. Several corporate immigration services are also offered
by us. They include PERM labor certifications, employment-based green cards, and guidance on
immigration compliance in addition to drafting work visa applications for employees.


In Sandy Springs, Georgia, Weinstock immigration attorneys provide a range of family immigration
. We can assist you with everything from fiancé or fiancée visas to marriage visas, immigrant
visas, and green cards for relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. We will recommend the
best approach to ensure that your filing will be processed as fast and easily as possible and that you
achieve the best conclusion, regardless of whether your family member is in the United States or

Each immigration attorney from Weinstock has received training in developing a unique plan to improve
your chances of acquiring the desired status in the US. We recognize how crucial it is to spend time with
your loved one while minimizing the worry and stress that come with the immigration procedure to the
United States and dealing with many bureaucracies and agencies. We will investigate every option to
determine which is best for you and your family.


The U.S. government offers a number of routes for people to join American businesses, which a
corporate immigration lawyer must handle. As foreign nationals complete degree programs in the
United States, many businesses simply hire them. Other businesses must send staff to the US because
they require specific experience or knowledge that is not available here. In Sandy Springs, Georgia, and
elsewhere, Weinstock Immigration Lawyer provides comprehensive company immigration services.

Sandy Springs, Georgia, many foreign nationals who come to the US to attend college receive job offers
from American businesses when they graduate. The business must provide both a job and visa
sponsorship in order for the employee to be permitted to remain and work here. There isn't a single,
universal work visa available to foreign nationals seeking employment in the United States, but the
following are some of the most common ones that our immigration law firm may assist you in obtaining:
H-1B Visa: For positions in specialty occupations needing a bachelor's degree or above.

L-1 visa: This intra-company transferee visa is only available to a specific class of workers employed by
multinational corporations.
Obtaining a labor certification from the US Department of Labor is the first step in the employment-
based permanent residence procedure, or PERM.
Immigrant Visas: Either with or without an employer sponsor, employees may be eligible for a number
of employment-based immigrant visa categories.

Further corporate immigration services are provided by Weinstock Immigration Lawyers in various work
visa and permanent residency categories for a range of jobs and industries. We take pleasure in our
successful track record in assisting workers, investors, and business owners in obtaining work visas and
relocating to the United States. Based on your situation, our immigration lawyers in Sandy Springs,
Georgia, will determine the appropriate course of action for obtaining a visa or green card.

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