Julio came to the United States when he was only 6 years old. His family moved from Mexico in search for a better life. He enrolled in school and grew up very involved in his community. When DACA became available, he applied for it and made sure to keep it current.

We met him and his wife last year when they came looking for options to permanently be able to stay in the country. With the current administration, they feared that DACA would be cancelled and he would lose his status. DACA allowed him to go to college and educate himself. He was always determined to make every effort to improve his career and his life, and he always fought to achieve his goals.

Julio did not choose to come to the United States. He is a hardworking man who was brought here as a young child by his parents when he was too young to have a say in the matter. Julio went to school, educated himself and bettered his situation in life and has contributed to our society and keeps doing so. We are so happy that he has now his green card and can continue to work and live in the country permanently with his wife without been afraid of a change in the law and been deported.

Julio’s story is an example of why DACA should be continued and approved by Congress or the Trump Administration. It is the ultimate proof of what our country is so proud of, the American Dream. The promise that with effort and perseverance, anyone can make a better life for themselves.