Trump California today

Trump is in California today. He is the first president since Eisenhower to not visit the state during his first year in office. He did not go to meet with any political leaders. There won’t be any public appearances. He is there to check on his wall and meet a small donor group. From any standpoint, he will spend 24 hours in hostile land, specially since his Administration sued California for protecting immigrants.

The president’s itinerary was secret as of last night. The plan is that he will land in a military airport in San Diego in the morning. He will see the prototypes of his wall built next to the Tijuana border by the companies bidding for the project.

After visiting his wall project, he will go to Los Angeles to attend a dinner to raise funds for the National Republican Committee. The event is expected to raise up to five million dollars for Trump’s reelection campaign.

Trump is not welcome in the state of California.

Protests started yesterday. During his electoral campaign, he only visited Los Angeles once. It was shortly after announcing his candidacy and insulting Mexicans. He was not well received back then, which is not surprising. 48% of the population in Los Angeles is Latino.

The president is coming to California when tension between his Administration and the state is at a peak level. Just last week, General Attorney sued three laws in California that prevent any collaboration between the police and immigration police, except in cases of felonies and serious crimes.

California has also challenged Trump when it comes to healthcare, climate change and international trade. All politicians in the state keep saying that they will continue their policies regardless of what the White House advises on. For the first time, a Republican lost Orange county in an election -a wealthy area south from Los Angeles. Nothing indicates a change in the tendency.

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