green card

Brianda came to the United States when she was four years old. She was eligible to benefit from DACA when it came available. She was able to pursue her dreams, to work and start a family with her husband David. However, two of her family members back in her home country got very sick and she needed to go visit them. This is when she reached out to our immigration lawyers for help.

We worked with her in getting the document she needed despite government delays which affected Brianda’s plans. We pushed forward and after a lot of efforts and pushing the government she was finally able to travel back to her home country and came back to the U.S. legally.

At the time, Brianda was at a very advanced stage in the pregnancy of her first child and we were concerned that all this stress and international travel would affect her or the baby. Luckily, everything was resolved and she was able to go visit her ailing relatives and return to the U.S. right in time to deliver her baby back in the U.S. where her husband and immediate family resided.

With our guidance, Brianda was finally able to apply for her permanent residency. We are extremely happy that her green card has arrived in less than two weeks after her interview. She is now a Legal Permanent Resident and a mother to a beautiful U.S. citizen baby.

Tip of the month

Like Brianda, many DACA holders may have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency. Do you have DACA? Seek expert advice now to learn your options for longer term solutions. It is important to not only hope but also take action by speaking with an experienced immigration attorney.