Trump Immigration policy Hurting America

Trump Immigration policy hurting America. The U.S. immigration system has allowed generations of people to immigrate to the U.S. and continues to make America great. However, it is under assault by the Trump administration. The immigration policies of this administration leave the U.S. in danger of becoming weaker and poorer.

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to be harsh on undocumented immigrants. He has fulfilled his promise. Deportations are at a record high. Border apprehensions are low, potentially due to fewer people crossing the border. And President Trump is now pushing for funding from Congress to start work on the wall on our southern border.

But the hardline approach on undocumented immigration is not the only thing defining Trump legacy´s first year in office. He is also attacking people legally immigrating to the United States – those who “follow the rules” and are “waiting in line”.

The wall is not built yet and it is to be seen if it will. However, President Trump has managed to build a virtual wall that delays and frustrates people trying to come for college, jobs, tourism and business.

Let´s make a list of the changes during his first year:

  1. Trump administration´s first immigration executive order, last January focused on border security and interior enforcement.
  2. The “travel ban”. This document had 3 different versions followed by Supreme Court rulings, it is been implemented since December 2017.
  3. Mandatory interview requirement for all employment-based green card applicants and family members. For decades, this extra interview was not necessary considering the level of screening of these applications. This will delay green card processing.
  4. In October, USCIS indicated that it will no longer give deference to previously approved immigration applications for individuals who are seeking to extend their legal status.
  5. Dramatic increase in the number of Requests for Evidence and denials of nonimmigrant and immigrant petitions. Many immigration lawyers have reported an uptick in these. In many cases, these requests from USCIS ignore information that has already been submitted by the beneficiary.
  6. The delay and potential termination of the International Entrepreneur Rule. This rule offers temporary permission for highly talented entrepreneurs to come build cutting-edge companies in the United States.

These changes result in unpredictability when it comes to planning for immigrants seeking legal status in the U.S. Also, these barriers are preventing foreign investors to bring their business to the country and U.S. companies from accessing critically important global talent, increasing regulatory burdens and costs for U.S. employers, creating labor shortages for seasonal jobs, and hurting the tourism industry by causing a drop in the number of foreign tourists to the U.S.

The border wall President Trump campaigned on and still pushes for is a distraction. The virtual wall that he has already built is invisible but stronger, more effective and more harmful to U.S. employers and families. This wall is not making America great. It is damaging our country in ways that will impact our nation for generations to come.

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