Donald Trump’s immigration Project failed last Thursday in Senate. His proposal included a path for citizenship for DACA holders, along with an increase of border control, new limits to immigration and other restrictive measures. The vote ended 39-60 against it. The President’s plan was rejected by both republicans and democrats.

Senators were opposed to the proposal for different reasons. Democrat senators were against the restrictions regarding immigration. Republicans, on the other hand, were not supportive of making it easier for the 1,8 million Dreamers to obtain citizenship. This was one setback for Trump’s organization and brings the immigration negotiations one step backwards. Trump’s measure was put to a vote along with a bipartisan proposal, which failed 54-45. None of them got to the minimum 60 votes necessary.

On top of this vote, a federal appeals court ruled against the latest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Thursday, holding that it “continues to exhibit a primarily religious anti-Muslim objective.”