Emigration from Venezuela to the United States is up to unprecedented numbers. USA received 29.250 applications in 2017. These doubled from 2016. For the first time, Venezuela was the country with the most applications.

United States has adopted a restrictive approach on immigration. Earlier this month they announced that new applications will be reviewed in three weeks to “dissuade new applicants from trying to utilize delays in the processing of asylum cases to obtain a work authorization”. The norm is up for all nationalities but the main reason is the massive immigration from Venezuelans who choose this option to stay in the US.

Usually the interviews were scheduled in order of arrival. Due to a backlog they were been scheduled 3 or 4 years later. In the meantime, applicants could be legally in the country and received a work authorization.

Is Asylum right for you?

The NGO Venezuelan Awareness, based in Miami, released a statement showing their concern due to the increase of asylum applications because of the crisis that the country is going through. They recommend immigrants to seek expert assistance. Many asylum applications are filed unprofessionally with very little chances for success.

Asylum cases are extremely complex and they need to be prepared very carefully. Having an expert immigration attorney help you will increase your chances if you have a good case. However, if you don’t, he or she will be able to advise you against it and explore other options that you may have. This is the first thing we always do with all our clients: look at their situation and find the best strategy for their specific situation. What is the immigration relief that you are eligible for with more success chances? Let us help you find out!